Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

opening image


Amanda Walks in the Streets of Delhi – One Brave Woman!–November ’08

Watch me as I brave the streets of Delhi amidst horn honking, a bicycle, and a car that insists on backing up almost nudging me as I scramble to walk quickly to get out of his way.  Chavi said, “Walk Amanda, Walk!”  It was a moment of bravery and hilarity combined.

Get Me a Rockin’ Chair:  Practicing lifting up from a squat–September ’08

If You Tube video doesn’t play, click on this link:


Life Giving Life: Human Embryonic Stem Cells 

Watercolor Painting by Amanda Boxtel




  Tita wrote @

LOVE the new blog! You are a true inspiration to us all.


  Brian Speck wrote @

Love ya, great Blog
Love your Photos



  Shelly wrote @

Amanda, I am so proud of you. I love reading your updates and your blog is terrific. You’re a great writer, a beautiful woman who definately has what it takes to move mountains and legs. Love you!

  Aafaq wrote @

Hi Amanda

So happy to hear you are getting better and seeing your determination and sense of achievement, no goal is too hard for you to achieve

I pray that you get better and enjoy life to its fullest extent, becuase you so deserve it, you are a courageous and beautiful lady

Best wishes

  Fenella Raines wrote @

Dearest Amanda
You are an amazing strenth – always pushing through to the next level and inspiring others along the way, and always with a smile on your face. May your new cause be heard worldwide so others can find the hope you have reclaimed.
With love from your homeland and always from my heart. Fenella and Peppy

  Steve wrote @


Just put your Blog address on the Care Cure website so you may get a bunch of hits.

Keep up the encouragement and keep this stuff in front of the people.

Be yourself and be honest and truthful and you will change peoples lives.

Stevie P

  Laurance Johnston wrote @

Informative and inspiring writing, as well as great photos.

From the photos, Shroff’s new clinic seems a big step up from the old one I visited last April.


  stephen wrote @

Dear Amanda!
this is zander’s friend, stephen, from the ballet…
i saw you and dale on tv late night the other night, you look great, i’m thrilled about your progress!
i’m enjoying checking out your blog and i’m sending all of my friends and fam to check it out too.
Enjoy every moment of life coming back into your legs!
Love, Stephen Straub

  Louis Miceli wrote @

Hi! Read an article by Laurance Johnston who directed me to your blog. Great stuff. I’m going next. Drop me an email so we can exchange notes.

  DM wrote @


Your site looks great! Thanks again for setting up the impromptu meeting in Aspen 2 weeks ago. The beautiful early fall day was the perfect backdrop to share your incredible progress. I’m sure demonstrating your regained function to us must have felt awkward but please know that the movement in your legs and toes and your ability to crawl on all fours was as graceful as it was amazing. Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspirational day.


  Carrie wrote @

Dear Amanda
Tears of joy & a heart of hope.

Carrie from Carbondale

  Steve wrote @


Your last entry was on 8/23/07. Have you had any more improvements from you treatment?

Have you had any more opportunities to share of your treatments?

459 people have viewed my entry on Care Cure and hopefully have then come here to see your blog.

Stevie P

  Steve wrote @


The tread I started on care cure has been view by 1,130 people. They have questions and need answers that you may be able to give. Can you check it out and give some answers?

Here is a link:

Steve Pisano

  Pat Carvel (Tennant) wrote @

Amanda, congratulations, saw yr uncle Barry last week, what a stunning turnup for you! No Goanna oil could have done this for you, you history maker.

  amybscher wrote @

What an inspiration you are! I love you and can’t wait to see you in January!

  Mauricio wrote @

Dear Amanda,
Just read your latest update – went through it with emotional hunger. As soon as the kids (i.e. our son, daughter and their children) leave tonight after dinner I’ll bring Susana up to date.
No need to say what we feel about and for you. All I can see at this time – with tears, believe me – is that I hope you will be able to return to Bariloche, although I understand that you now have other priorities.
My greatest respect for Dale.

  sheda wrote @

Hello Amanda,

Thanks for putting so much of your energy into getting the word out!!

I’m wondering if you can share how much recovery you’ve had with your bowel and bladder? I’m not sure how these areas can be exercised once the injections are I’m skeptical as to how well they return!

Thanks again!!!
November 2007

  Erik Schultz wrote @

I am dumbfounded by your courage and determination. I am also enraged that Americans have to travel to the developing world to get stem cell treatments which obviously are producing results. The mainstream media needs to pick up your story and expose the lunacy of the current Bush policy.

  cindy wrote @

Oh my gosh…..From the moment I met you at the Red Stone Inn on Valentine’s Day 2007, I knew you were truly special….I am so very proud to know you and appreciate the love you have for life….

My thoughts and prayers are with you!


  Beth Whitman wrote @

Amanda – I visited with Amy at Dr. Shroff’s clinic in Delhi just a couple of weeks ago. I was completely impressed with the level of care and the amazing things that are happening at the clinic.

Like Erik above, I’m enraged that Americans don’t have access to or knowledge about this amazing technology. We are strapped by the US government and by big pharma and it’s an absolute crime.

Thanks for being an inspiration to us all!

  Fenella Raines wrote @

Dearest Amanda
Your energy and experience is an inspiration to all those in need of hope and determination. I always knew you would take these “steps” you are walking now – I am so happy for you that words can not express. Many blessings and love to you on your path of constant and never ending enlightenment. You are a gift that has been put here to share and guide those in need of a helping hand. Your strength, courage and determination is unwavering; a true inspiration. Love Fenella

  adlawrence wrote @


Thank you for such an inspirational blog. I believe it gives hope to so many.

Thank you again.

Wishing you the best of luck in life,

  Jyoti Naik wrote @

Hi Amanda
For sure I feel the same way that you had to travel to India and so will I for I am based in UK and medically both places should be on top of all this research and yet we have to travel so far.

You are a real inspiration and guardian angel for being a T12 para myself I feel so scared .

I am travelling to Delhi and will visit Dr Schroff.
Thanks again and wil be in touch soon

  Connie Michalik wrote @

Dear Amanda,
Last time I talked to you you mentioned that March 14 Dr. Shroff’s patent might be annonounced. Has it happened? Where can I find it?
I look forward to seeing you on April 13 at the fundraiser.
I also found Dulcinea, or Medra on the web, but I also found it on “quack watch”, so that was disappointing. Do you know anything about that? The clinic is in the Dominican Republic.

Connie Michalik (Richard Castaldo’s mom, Columbine shooting victim)

  case ronde wrote @

hi Amanda,
super cool blog, great insight in what is happening, fantastic to see you “up and running”.
more power to you in your upcomming round.

  Sydney Sailor wrote @

I heard you speak at Aspen High School. before i came to see your presentation, i was always afraid of getting hurt. I was fearful that if anything happened to me my life would be over. Many people i know have been injured and never recovered. But after seeing you speak, i learned that life is not over. I have what I have and if im too fearful to do anything with it there is no point. I wanted to let you know that all those people who send you emails about how wrong you are…..they are the the ones who are wrong. you are a motivation for people with or without disabilities.
You taught us how to live.

  Cathy Fowler wrote @

This blog is fantastic! And you are amazing for updating so often — with everything else you are going through right now. But I love checking the blog first thing in the morning since you are 12 1/2 hours ahead of the West Coast. I htink about you often during the day and am sending positive thoughts your way.

But it sounds like you are doing very well!
Waiting Patiently in Portland, Cathy xoxo

  Dawn Perez wrote @

I have been trying to email you but they keep bouncing back. Kathryn forwards your emails on. I am so excited for you. Cannot wait until we go dancing!!!!
We have to catch up, I have so much to tell you.
Love and miss you!! Dawn

  Jyoti Naik wrote @

Amanda u make me laugh with your experiences in India. I am a Indian myself but born in Africa and lived most of my life in UK. but beware about comments on Indian men . It just takes one to make a hua ha and you know the population there.

If only they would upgrade on hygene as they do with everything else and boy that place has got talent.

Do they say anything about the scar tissue attacking the work that they do and slow the progress. Just check it out.
Jyoti T12

  Ricci Kilgore wrote @

Amanda- Why hello…… I heard about you from Dana Liesgang. I dont usually say this but it is a honor to write you. I was very touched by your last blog. The blog about the caudal procedure brought me to tears and Ricci is to tough to cry……
I have been receiving fetal stem cells from Dr. Rader for the last eight years. I have had 4 TX with 65 % return and, I will be headed down there this month for more. I could write a book to you write now but I know you are in heal mode. IF you have chance google my name Ricci Kilgore.
Hope to talk with you soon…..
-Manifestation of positive thoughts is my key to success.

  miquie’s crew wrote @

you are a true inspiration, amanda! thank you for sharing your story.

  Cathy Harrell wrote @

I am so honored!!! to be ‘your’ friend!! The ‘world’ is fortunate!!! Because of all you have had to endure for most of your life….you are an insprituation to everyone!! Those who have endured tragedy in any way —–
You never look out–to feel –anger or resentment!
You never allow yourself to look down–for pity!
You ‘look up’!!! For strength!!! And, because of that—you give courage to others!! Cathy

  Neelam Gupta wrote @

Dear Amanda,
You are amazing… It was wonderful having you with us in India. You inspired everyone around. It was also one of the most beautiful experiences for the village community of Gharbara. They have sent you a big thank you for being with them…
may god bless you with your most cherished desires.

  sarah wilson wrote @

Hi Amanda,

Just wanted to say thanks for your kind words and support while we’re here in India. And thanks for everything else – we wouldn’t be here if not for your inspiration!

Much love and best of luck!


(Ryan’s friend)

  colleen corbin wrote @

I’m leaving this afternoon on a long journey, starting in Seattle, to take my 36 yr old sister-in-law to Dr. Rader. She has very progressive MS. While we are filled with great hope and optimism today, we have much uncertainty and fear, too. Thank you so much for such an inspirational blog. It gives me so much more confidence getting on a plane today!

Thank you again!

Colleen Corbin
Seattle, WA

  Jyoti Naik wrote @

Hi Amanda

Missing any news from you. Hope you are well and enjoying life.

love Jyoti UK

  paramvir wrote @

hello amanda how are you? i am paramvir from india and affected with duchine muscular destrophy. can i know from you that what was the cost of treatment. and what was your condition before and now?

  Kelsey wrote @

I am absolutely delighted that you and my sister (Ryan McLean) met. I think she has learned so much from you. You are such an inspiring woman and I hope you get everything you wish for. You will always be in my prayers and I thank the Lord that you touched our family so much!

  appurva wrote @

hello, amanda

your website is the greatest. because of ur wonderful website my brother is taking the embryonic stem cells. u r a confident and tough woman who reaches her goal no matter what. Thank u so much for making such a wonderful website!!!!! 🙂



  Caro Ness wrote @

Hi Amanda

I am hoping to accompany Dana Liesegang, with whom I know you correspond, to see Dr Geeta Schroff next year in Delhi. UInlike Dana I have MS and wonder if you know nyone with MS or any other neurological problem who has been to see Dr Schroff? If so, is there any chance that you could ask them if I could email/correspond with them?
Also it would be really interesting to know what Dr Schroff’s treatments cover. Does she give you physiotherapy as well as the stem cells? And does she take a look at your diet and general nutrition? Any information would be very helpful.

Thank you.



  Amy wrote @

Amanda, you are the most amazing woman in the world! Keep up the great work! You continue to inspire me every single day! Rock on Amanda!
Love, Amy

  Bill Wesson wrote @

Hi Amanda. I have a hunch there isn’t enough time in the day for you to keep up with your emails, given the broad scope of your fans around the world. When are you due back in Colorado? When you return, I have info to share with you that I think will give you not only great hope but also much enthusiasm (as if you needed any more!) as to your journey in life. I’ll also send you a direct reply to your email. Love and light to you–Bill

  dana wrote @

hello amanda you fantastic woman
thank you soo much for the emails. guess i better bring a screw driver or not close the door all the way on the loo.
you continue to be a wonderful inspiration to all who have the pleasure of being in contact with you via person or cyber space.
i can hardly wait for jan. to begin my own treatment.
safe journey home to beautiful clean air in co.
love to you

  Gary Stamey wrote @

Greetings Amada,

Your blog certainly gives hope to many.

I’ve been an incomplete T12-L1 para since 1972.

My other disabled friends figure I’m “not” disabled since I can walk with crutches, short leg braces, but bowels/bladder are certainly not “normal”,etc…

Walked with crutches for years til I tore up my hands/shoulders, now use a wheelchair.

Played wheelchair sports for a decade or more, it was fun, but all that repetitive motion certainly works against your shoulders/arms/hands.

Your stem cell data shows you’ve greatly benefited, I hope you shed your walker/crutches/canes/wheelchairs,etc…

I know we all have to learn to crawl before we can walk..

one step at a time dear…all the best!

  Susan wrote @

I am so happy for you! I heard you speak in Aspen, CO July 08 at the Rusty Crossland Primerica Family Reunion. You are truly an inspiration and I pray for your continued progress. Thank you for being such a motivating force for us all.

  Ruth Meinking wrote @

Dear Amanda, I am so deeply touched in reading about your stem cell surgery from Greg C. I’m delighted that Jody Stevenson’s quote on destiny found it’s way to you. She’s the new minister at my church and am so grateful that her message can give you strength. I send you love and prayers knowing that you are lilving your best life now!

  Euclides – Brasil wrote @

I firstly wish much luck in its marathon, and that continues every day returning more and more movements, am very happy for you. In second place you are of congratulations for announcing, turn public a so effective treatment that near years is going to help many people, and my congratulations also the Dr. Geeta Shroff , who soon will be receiving the Nobel award for his treatment, transparent and effective.

  Alex T wrote @

Hello Amanda i am so interested on your case and makes me so happy seen how good are you now. i am from mexico and i have been suffering from Muscular Distrophy Becker, do you now anything that can help me?

  Sonya Fatah wrote @

Hi Amanda:
We communicated almost two years ago when I was working on a story on Geetha Shroff and her treatment. I ended up meeting leah roland and a Canadian woman and featuring them in my story. I wanted to ask you a few questions for a followup story we’re doing. Could you email me so we can take this further?
Cheers, Sonya

  Jim Makevery Schatz wrote @


My friend Quentin, “Human Hints” introduced me to Leal Potts web site and now I know about you. It’s amazing how the spirit works and how we are choosen for special assignments in life. Congradulations on mastering your situation and helping others. I have a little better understanding of stem cell therapy. My healing thoughts are with you and others who have had to suffer your fate.


  Tom wrote @

Incredible inspiration! Thank you Amanda!

  Glenn Rees wrote @

Amanda, A friend Bryan Richardson gave me your information the other day, after reading your story and out come I felt I needed to contact you and tell you my journey. I am 5 years post and pray every day for God to heal me.
I teach a class twice a month at TIRR the rehab hospital I was in for my recovery back in 2005 the class is a day in a life. I love what I do the hope is to make sure these people are ready to make the transision home. If you have time check out my web site, I’d like to visit with you some time

  bhagya wrote @

dear Amanda,
I was researching on stem cell research for my 7 year old son who cannot see very well. I am from Bangalore, India. I have written to Dr.Geetha Shroff thanks to id posted by you. You are really a brave woman and I pray may all your desires come true and may you achieve of life everything you ever want.

god bless,


  Dr Larry Lytle wrote @

Hello Amanda;

I read about you in the Townsend Letter. You are a courageous lady and I want to share a new method to heal nerve and spine injuries with the QLaser System. It works by Atomic Healing – that is – it replaces electrons at the atom level of the injured spinal cord cells. Watch the Little Bear story on my web site. Recently a man that has been paralyzed for 44 years and collecting urine in a bag restored the nerve to the bladder by applying the Q1000 twice a day for 18 months and now has full controll of his bladder. Now he has hopes of restoring the use of his legs like other more recent paralysis victims have done.

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