Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

8.07.07 — A Verrrry BIG Elllllleeeeeephont!

The amber flame of my candle is flickering as I watch the same orangey-yellow sun set amidst the silhouette of the neem tree branches. A purple-blue orchid sits in my window, and four little elephants stand side-by-side on my desk—two with their trunks up for luck and prosperity, and two with their trunks down symbolizing peace and as Gabrielle claims, ―groundedness. I asked where she heard that bit of trivia and she confidently replied, “I made it up.” In India and Asia the elephant is a powerful totem animal symbolizing royalty, fertility, wisdom,
and success—here‘s praying for all of the above! Indra, the God of Rain, used the gray elephant
to bring forth the monsoons. I think Indra was working overtime this past week given the
torrents that flooded the northern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. I‘ve never seen rain pelt down so
hard for so long. All through the afternoon and night it showered last Thursday—buckets and
buckets. Small floods caused road blockages in downtown Delhi, and the stench lifted. Delhi
had a much needed bath.

Perhaps the rain‘s downpour was partly due to Gabrielle‘s and my incessant quandary over
purchasing a certain elephant—our dilemma was not only the price, but the animal‘s size. Yes,
this elephant is large—bulky enough to warrant its own suitcase. We dreamed elephants all
week. Gabrielle tossed and turned and finally I said, “If you love it, buy it” …and like a true
friend I added, “And if you die, I get it…Deal?”

So, on Friday Gabrielle purchased Ellie. Weary and with nowhere to go due to the downpour
outside, we stuck to our guns and bartered the shop owner down by half the price. The deal was
through…but how the hell was Gab going to get Ellie home? As the Universe would have it,
two doors down sat a luggage shop filled to the ceiling with suitcases and duffels of every size,
color and shape.

“Namaste, kripaya (please) can I come in?”

Three men jumped to their feet and proceeded to remove about twelve bags piled high from the
doorway so my wheelchair could barely squeeze in. Upon entering my left castor wheel snagged
another half-dozen that toppled behind me. Gab followed with the elephant cradled in her arms.

“Verrrry BIG elllllleeeeeephont Maam!” Exclaimed the shopkeeper as he produced the first
suitcase, reached over me and threw it on my lap. This guy‘s armpits reeked to high heaven that
I almost passed out. I‘ve never in my life smelled such bad BO.
As Gab tested the suitcase size according to Ellie, she said, “No, it‘s not big enough. Bigger

In a flash and a whiff of an armpit, the man twisted and dumped a larger case on my lap.
“This one‘s got some sort of sticky stuff on the cover. Do you have another case?” smiled Gab.
He leaned over my head, pits fully exposed, and produced another case but it was black. By this
time I‘m gagging.
Gab sweetly asked, “Oh, I prefer the blue. Do you have a blue case?”
Unbeknown to Gab, the man‘s odor was putting me over the edge as he kept repeating,
“Maam, veerrrrrrry BIG elllllleeeeeephont….verrrry BIG elllllleeeeeeephont.”
My coping mechanism brought on the giggles. In the pure ridiculousness of the moment I couldn‘t handle this man hanging over me any longer.
“Gab, take the blue…please, I beg you, take the blue suitcase. It‘s a damn big elllllleeeeeephont.
Chalo—let‘s go!”

How many Indians does it take to wrap an ellllleeeeeephont? Exactly three.
Ellie is now on her way back to the USA as checked luggage in a blue suitcase minus the sticky
stuff. She‘ll land on American soil at 6:25 p.m. Monday night Colorado time, hopefully in one
piece. Don‘t get me wrong, this gal is gorgeous. She is pure rose wood with camel bone inlay
that is so intricately placed she glows with grace, peace (trunk is down), groundedness,
prosperity, and wisdom. Oh, it is also said that the elephant has a most auspicious symbolism
embodying strength and power of the libido. So Gab my friend, may Ellie bring you luck and
joy in sex for the rest of your days.

Gabrielle left at dawn this morning and it was a tearful goodbye. No lady in India dares to
expose her shoulders, cleavage, nor legs, yet there I was in my pajama top with bare legs and
hair like a bird‘s nest as I waved farewell. With a quick glance up, I caught three Indians peering
down at me from the balcony above. I didn‘t give a hoot and they kept looking. Indian men
aren‘t afraid to stare.

Gabrielle has a halo that shines over me and brings my true self alive. She lets me be me. Her
light radiates wherever she goes and she is loved by all. Thank you Gab for giving selflessly to
me these past twelve days. You travelled half way around the world to help, encourage, love and
support me. Together we witnessed my body coming alive after fifteen long years of paralysis.
You saw me do Number 1 and Number 2…and you were the first to witness my lower leg move
on its own—all in a week and a half. Wow! Thank you for your unconditional love and
friendship. You mean the world, the sun, the moon and the stars to me. Thank you my Didi. I
am missing you already.

Gratitude to All for your emails. I get excited when I turn on my computer morning and night to
check my inbox (that‘s if the internet is working…It‘s been frustratingly sporadic lately so forgive me if I don‘t always reply). Gabrielle and I agreed that if there was one word to describe
Delhi, it would be paradoxical.

With love and Namaste, Amanda xoxoxo
I am alone this week until Dale arrives next Monday—Yippeeeeeee!!!! I can hardly wait…seven
more sleeps!

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