Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

8.17.07 — Progress Recap

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment—June 25-August 17, 2007
Report: August 17, 2007

• Swelling has reduced significantly.
• Spasticity is absent. I am more flexible and I no longer feel the stiffness in my legs.
• Muscle power in both legs has improved. I am able to take resistance while moving hips
in abduction and adduction, and I can bend both knees at will. Hamstrings work on both
legs (left is stronger); quadriceps in both thighs; glutemus maximus muscles in bottom
(evident in backward crawl); contraction of muscles underneath both feet. Big toe on
right foot moves up and down; and smaller middle toes on left foot wiggle. Deep
sensation under both feet; pins and needles electrical tingles down both legs to toes.
Deep sensation in my bottom. Overall heightened awareness and connectedness in my
lower body to my toes. Muscle tone in legs has increased.
• Abdominal muscle strength has increased. I am able to apply pressure during bladder
and bowel movements. Voiding urine ranges from 50% to completely emptying,
depending on the time of day and fatigue.
• Back muscles are stronger down my spine giving me more balance and control.
• Nerve burning pain has subsided by 50%.
• Overall energy levels have increased.
• Most importantly, I have had zero negative side-effects from treatment.

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