Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

8.19.07 — Going Home

My goodbyes to my new friends in India were tough. Friday, August 17th was emotional and
teary. Dr. Shroff and Dr. Ashish are a perfect team complimenting one another with their
expertise, cheery optimistic dispositions, and humbling natures. We embraced lovingly and
agreed that I would report in with an email and follow-up phone call to Dr. Shroff once a week.
I will continue with my physical therapy exercises daily and I will use my leg braces to stand and
practice walking. I will maintain my strength and give my stem cells the best opportunity to ―gestate‖ and grow in my body. I should continue to see improvements over the next two or
three months. It has been proposed that I return to India for a top-up treatment over three weeks
in early December this year. What a perfect 40th birthday gift for myself!
Dale and I boarded our British Airways flight Saturday morning, August 18th with a surprise
upgrade to Business Class. Gillian, the crew director for my incoming flight from London
Heathrow to Delhi, had worked her magic. She had sent messages through and Dale and I were
completely spoiled our entire journey home. Wow, thank you Angel. What an amazing gift to
fly flat on our backs and stretch out in luxury and comfort. Gillian, we felt your loving energy
all the way home. Thank you soooooo much.
Back in Basalt Monday night I couldn‘t sleep a wink and stared at the ceiling. Exhausted and
trying to come to terms with all that I had experienced and was feeling…here is what I wrote at 4

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