Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

9.10.07 — Overwhelm–& My Dream!

One of the original meanings of “overwhelm” is to submerge completely and stems from around the year 1450. Picture a small boat washed over by a gigantic wave. Well, I feel like that boat right now, or rather a person in that boat flailing, whelmed by emotions, offset by a surge of curiosity from people itching to know more about stem cell therapy. A part of me thinks, I can’t possibly keep up with the influx of calls and emails, yet my intuitive knowing reassures me that I can handle the onslaught. I have received a God-given gift of life. I am the first United States Citizen to have received Human Embryon ic Stem Cell Treatment from Dr. Geeta Shroff in India, and I cannot turn my eyes, ears, or my awakened body to a culture crying out for a cure.
In typical Amanda-fashion, I am attempting to squeeze every nanosecond out of each day. I have travelled through a bazillion time zones in the past two weeks and I am now firmly planting my wheels on the ground in my little condo by the river and not leaving for a good while. Tucker won’t leave my side. In fact I have accidently rolled over his tail a few times because he is my little shadow. He is my faithful BFF—best friend forever. He comforts me when I am anxious, and he waggles his tail and kisses my face telling me everything will be just fine. He is a true Love. ; Dale has also been a Godsend, giving unconditionally and lovingly.

I landed in the USA with my wheels rollin’…and a “roll” model I have become—an advocate and spokesperson for Dr. Shroff’s treatment. I am barely able to handle the seemingly endless phone calls and emails from people interested in visiting India to heal them or a loved one. It is my pleasure and my unspoken duty to help out in any way I can.

I was home for a week and then I boarded another airplane bound for the tropical island of Maui where I attended a very reputable writer’s conference. Within the span of ten days I had been ensconced in Indian culture and Delhi’s frenetic pace; lifted up by the grandeur of a sunset over Independence Pass and our energy-filled mountains; and almost swept off my wheels by Maui’s blustery wind. My body clock is still confused. I practice being calm. I practice breathing, and with each breath I settle into a more peaceful mindset that I will accomplish all that I can in its own time. Routine will ease back into my days.

I have great news! Maui was worth it for so many reasons, but mostly because I found Catherine Fowler…or she found me. Cathy is an agent who believes in my memoir and is passionate enough to become an advocate and pitch my project to top publishing houses. After receiving some sample chapters via email, serendipitously we met on Maui’s Speedi-Shuttle headed for the Wailea Marriott. She seemed intrigued by my Indian experience and asked for a meeting prior to the conference beginning. I felt so positive after our meeting that I rolled into my room on the eighth floor and yelled a big “YES!” to the universe as the door slammed behind me. “Ladies and gentlemen, I have an agent!”

Throughout the conference I met other wanna-be authors who were dreamy-eyed like myself. I questioned whether we should call ourselves authors or writers, but ultimately opted for the author title which mentally affirmed “I am” rather than “I will be…”

The conference was intense as I pressured myself to consult with six editors. Some showed interest in my work, and some seemed completely unreadable. Some asked me to email my proposal and sample chapters within the next few weeks…so, we’ll see. I shall take my agent’s advice…now that I have an agent. J I did learn that a publishing company rarely takes a project on without an agent, so first thing first! My final part to my memoir documents my experience in India, which was the perfect hook. My story has come full circle from recovery to discovery of my awakened body and stem cell therapy in India.

During the first day of the conference my skin began to itch. Could it have been Prickly Heat Rash? I then broke out in small red lumps on my stomach and back. By the second day I had lumps on my face…and there were three more days to go…. Ugh! My face got worse and became puffy, my legs returned to their ghastly swollen state and I became stiff from sitting in my chair all day and late into the evenings. I knew how critical it was for me to do therapy. My body was craving it. Despite my itching and bloated body, I flopped out of my wheelchair into the sand like a beached whale on the last afternoon. I negotiated the waves with face mask and snorkel and swam amongst colorful fish and coral around a rocky point off Wailea. Swimming was easier with my newfound mobility. It was as though my legs participated in swimming, rather than trailing along behind like they used to with each stroke. My body felt so free and buoyant in the salt water. My itching eased. I was in a small slice of heaven and the fish didn’t care what my body looked like. During the conference I attempted to wobble around on my bed in my hotel room with physical therapy maneuvers that would make Chavi laugh and cry at the same time.

On Tuesday, September 4th I arrived home after a long flight. I had been sitting up for more than 24 hours so my ankles were back to the size of a verrrrry BIG elllleeeeeeephant! As luck would have it, I managed to schedule an appointment with a skin specialist that next morning. He determined that I had hives! Yes, I had red lumps on my face and torso and they turned really red and splotchy. I felt like I had creepy-crawlies under my skin. After swallowing a bunch of prescription meds ending in “***zine” or ***zone” including soothing lotion, which stopped the itch, I am back to normal. My swollen ankles and legs quickly returned to their shapely purple look. With physical therapy assisted by Gabrielle and Dale, along with a massage by CP, my limbs returned to a wonderful warm pink meaty color. Dale even desired me despite my lumps (he had a dose of lumps during his quick visit in India, so he embraced me and my lumps with gusto). Per usual, these past few weeks have been a challenge yet my spirit is uplifted and life is great!

So, you might be anxious to hear how my body is? To see me rolling down the sidewalk with Tucker leashed to my wheelchair, I look like Amanda. Only me and my few friends who have seen me flop around out of my wheelchair can recognize the new Amanda coming to life. My legs have more definition and I feel healthier. My body has remained static with regards to continued improvement and I imagine it will keep strong as long as I maintain my daily therapy and exercise. Herein lies the challenge. Finding a therapist who can commit to helping me on a regular basis has been really tough. I thank my faithful friends for obligingly squeezing me into their busy days to help move my body. My ultimate scenario would be to have therapy daily with someone who has me scheduled into their weekly calendar. Of course, funds are limited to pay for a therapist, yet it is a vital component to my health and ongoing progress.

I purchased a Swiss therapy ball, some push up bars, and a mat for the floor. CP graciously offered her massage table for me to borrow to perform my acrobatics on in the living room, which is now my therapy room. I purchased some parallel bars online, which should arrive by the end of the week. The parallel bars are ten feet long…and much too big for my little condo…but again, a necessity if I want to practice walking in leg braces. I may as well toss my couch into the river—who needs to sit down anyway?

I have received phone calls from Cyprus, New Zealand, Canada, and all over the United States with inquiries about Dr. Shroff’s treatment. In an effort to shed light on my progress and distribute information I am creating a blog, which will be up and running soon. Photographs from India will be posted on the blog, along with other critical information pertaining to Dr. Shroff’s therapy and technology. I shall email with relevant details soon.

Please refer to my informational document attached, which you may use to email or print and disperse to others.
Thank you again to this community for your loving kindness and encouragement. I am deeply grateful for your continued blessings. Others in our community who are diagnosed with incurable ailments now have the ambition to visit India themselves. I can do nothing but encourage each and every one of you. This will be your own journey to better health and quality of life. I am not a scientist, nor do I claim to be an expert in stem cell therapy. All I can offer is my personal experience: I am simply a patient who is moving her legs and peeing on her own for the firs t time in fifteen years.

Take the leap. Leave without expectation. Be grateful for each small miracle as your body reawakens…and one miracle will melt into the next…one miracle at a time.
Paula Zurcher wrote:

You’re opening up a path for others, and as you walk down the road less traveled, there will be a crowd following down it behind you right into the eternal now. Your team of doctors are of course the miracle-workers. Theirs to do the job, ours to look at it and wonder (the definition of “miracle”).
With love as always,

Amanda xoxo

P.S. My dream: To speak in front of Congress to help change the laws in this country and allow every person the opportunity to receive human embryonic stem cell therapy at an affordable cost.

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