Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

10.25.07–Fund Raising: Partnering for the Greater Good of Humanity

Fund Raising:  Partnering for the Greater Good of Humanity

Depending on my progress after each treatment, I envision returning to India for ongoing stem cell therapy 4-6 times in the next two years, which translates to approximately another $100,000 that I will need to raise in total.  I am currently raising money for my next visit in January and then again in May, 2008.  Each treatment will require a month’s stay in Delhi at the cost of $15,000 plus airfares and other living expenses.  I have embarked on a venture that is not cheap, yet in the grand scheme of my life time and the possibility that I will regain more strength in my legs, I cannot put a dollar on this value.  I feel like the most grateful woman alive.

While I struggle with asking people for money, I recognize that it is also an opportunity for others to give for the greater good of humanity.  The world will watch my body awaken and I shall spread a message of hope for those who no longer have reason to give up.  I would like to thank all of the individuals who have made contributions so far.  It is due to your loving kindness and belief in me that I have been able to pursue this remarkable journey of Awakening!  Thank you for your support and care.

Michael Fox, CEO of the Aspen Club and Spa is hosting a fund raising event for me and three other individuals who have their sights set on traveling to India for stem cell treatment in 2008.  The event will be combined with the Aspen Club’s 10th Anniversary Re-Grand Opening Party.  Thank you Michael for your continued loving support.SAVE THE DATE


A Fund Raiser in Support of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment

DECEMBER 18, 2007

4:30 p.m. until Close (10 p.m.)

The Aspen Club & Spa 

“10 years ago Challenge Aspen was the beneficiary of our grand opening night and at that time Amanda Boxtel was a co-director. This year we are proud to announce we will be supporting individuals in the community who are undergoing Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy at our December 18th Re-Opening Celebration Party. Amanda Boxtel, who recently returned from India with incredible results, will be one of the individuals going back to India in January. Ed Allen who has Parkinson’s Disease along with Allen Orcutt, will accompany Amanda in January.  Leah Roland, an incomplete quadriplegic, will be going for the 1st time in the spring. So save the date and plan on attending our Re-Grand Opening Party.  We will have food, drinks, music and a special guest of honor.”

Casey McConnell, Marketing Director 

Click on the link below to watch a video of Michael Fox, CEO Aspen Club and Spa, talking about this event.,uw1a,26tn,1h7s,5b7d,5r2i,33i

Click on the link below to watch a video of Amanda Boxtel.,uw1a,26tn,3ujx,mg36,5r2i,33i 

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