Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

10.25.07–My Weekly Routine

My Weekly Routine

The parallel bars have arrived after almost two months of waiting patiently for their delivery.  Consequently, my daily therapy is becoming more time consuming. 

This week Mum generously wired some money into my account to help cover physical therapy costs—yeah Mum!  Thank you. 

I have an amazing physical therapist who has willingly donated three days a week thus far.  Tami Cassetty is an angel sent from heaven.  She claims PT stands for Pain and Torture, yet I look forward to her P&T.  After the weekend I am chomping at the bit to have a good workout with Tami.  Dale has been really tolerant with my new toys that are taking up a huge amount of square footage in our little condo on the river.  The dining room table has been scooched over toward the window opening up chunk of floor space.  My parallel bars are ten feet long by three feet wide.  CP has allowed me to use her massage table, which remains upright, and a blue Swiss therapy ball rolls around randomly on the wooden floor. 

Every Wednesday I am blessed to work with Emily Hightower, which is a total love-fest.  Emily brings my spirit alive and allows me to be me.  Tears well in my eyes for no particular reason and my mascara runs.  I adore Emily—she is real, she is present, and she knows her stuff.  We have a great role model to learn from named Oz—Em’s 11 month old baby boy.  My yoga session is mimicked on Oz learning to crawl and walk and the motions he discovered to strengthen his core, while working his legs and balancing on his own.  How perfect, to be learning from a little baby boy. 

Emily finishes our session with a beautiful meditation that grounds my soul and centers my being for the remainder of the day.  Yesterday she guided me through a touch and sensation meditation, feeling each finger with my thumbs and then transferring that feeling into my toes and feet.  I could feel deep sensations as Emily pressed on the balls of my feet, pulsing back and forth.  I had a true connectedness to my feet with my mind…and then I cried happy tears of wonder again.  Emily is a gift from Harold Grinspoon, who also funds CP to massage me in total decadence once a week on Saturdays.  I am so grateful to have an amazing community who continues to love and support me in my home and from afar.

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