Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

River of Life–A Meditation

River of Life—A Meditation

I gaze at the street lamps amber reflection on the water below.  The dark arch of the bridge looks ominous as the light beams down through mottled shadows.  It is nine o’clock at night and the river is my constant—a sinuous dance of curving and twisting patterns in motion—always flowing with a life force that never ceases, connecting distant mountain streams to an ocean thousands of miles away.  That same ocean connects me to my mother and family in Australia.

I liken the river outside my condo to my spinal cord—my river of life, fully healed, and connecting every nerve bringing light, love and energy to my entire body.  I remember back to a meditation I wrote and recorded on a cassette tape when I was first injured.  It is the exact meditation I use to this day as the embryonic stem cell gestate in my body.

My Healing Meditation in a Three Dimensional Crystal Triangle

Relax, quieting all vibrations within myself.  Take three slow, deep breaths, inhale all that is good and exhale all physical, emotional and mental tensions.  I align myself to all life and creation; to all vibrations of the universe, with love in my heart.  I align myself by forming a central shaft of light and love down through my being.  At the center of this sacred place I draw a molecule of energy.

With my mind, I use this molecule of light and love, to create a three dimensional crystal of pure mineral substance around me.  On the apex of the three dimensional crystal triangle I visualize pure white healing light.

As I sit in the center of this crystal, I visualize the rays of white light pouring down on me from the apex, cleansing my outer bodies—the mental body, the emotional body and now the physical body.  I visualize the light and love of the rays penetrating and filling each cell and atom of every part of my body.I clean my brain, my heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen, bladder, bowel, and all my muscles and tendons.  My spinal cord and nerves need to be cleansed and soothed.

Picture the spinal cord:  A pliable column of pink nervous tissue extending from the base of the brain to the second lumbar vertebra.  It is the length of a 40 cm ruler and the width of a thin finger.  Picture the three membranes surrounding the spinal cord.  They are bathed in a white healing light.  Beneath the white is a soft yellow-green light, healing and soothing the damaged areas like a cool coating of balm.  It makes a shshshsshshsh noise.  Shshshshssh…aaaaaaaaah… Soft and soothing.  Beneath the green is a soft blue—a calm and peaceful powder blue.  The pliable cord is beginning to respond to this soothing, loving, and peaceful energy.

Suddenly I see streams of orange-red and indigo-purple waves of light and energy streaming down the cord from the base of the brain.  These colorful waves of light become a forceful flowing river of water and the colors become brighter and whiter.  Huge boulders are being swept away and they dissolve.  The water and light is so powerful and intense, swiftly flowing into little nerve tributaries or pathways through the hips, bladder, bowel…down through the adducter muscles—projecting just that little bit further—pushing and making its own pathway.  Energy is flowing freely.  Picture the water and light combined…flowing towards the knees and hamstrings.  They are being activated.  Water and light are healing—they make things grow.

Picture the nerve cells or neurons becoming electric with the water and light.  They activate the many branching fibers called dendrites, which are now glowing with energy.  These nervous impulses picked up by the dendrites leave the nerve cells.  The water and light energy flows electrochemically, jumping from axon to axon…from one neuron to another.

These living nerve cells full of water and light energy are now full of oxygen too.  They are pulsating rapidly beyond the hamstrings and into the calf muscles…into the Achilles, into the heels of the feet, through the arch to the balls of the feet, and into the toes…to the toe-nails and the very tips of the toes.  Lots of little electrical currents flowing freely surrounded by white healing and loving light.

The spine, spinal cord and nerves are now clean, pure and alive.I now visualize the seven main energy centers, the chakras, or cosmic lungs of my etheric body.  My crown chakra, my third eye, my throat, my heart, my solar plexus below the ribs, my spleen, and my base chakra.  I draw God’s radiation of love and light down through my crown chakra, down my spine, to my base chakra; through its stem and out into its petals.  I visualize the light rotating in a clockwise direction, releasing all impurities back up through the apex of the crystal triangle.  I feel uplifted.  (I repeat this cleansing for each of my chakras individually.)

When I have cleansed and activated all chakras, I visualize them all rotating in rhythm and in one straight line.  I fill my whole being with this radiation of love and light and ask my soul to draw nearer to my cleansed form in harmony, peace, attunement and protection.  I send this radiation of love, peace and harmony that I have created within myself while in the crystal triangle, out into the universe.  I embrace my loved ones, my dog, my friends, all humanity, and all creation with this love and light.

I am One with the universe and I am part of all that is around me.  All that I come into contact with, all vibrations, are synthesized and harmonized as they pass through the sides of the crystal and contact my forms.  The crystal protects me form all negativity because all that passes in through the sides of the three dimensional walls, is automatically harmonized and uplifted with light and love.  I move through all places bringing the light of God’s illumination.  I move as a channel of this love and light according to the will of God and the laws of nature.

I am a river of life.

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