Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Two more meditations…

Posted are two meditations for SCI that Qigong Master Ken Cohen (Eldora, Colorado) shared with Laurance Johnston, Ph.D.

Meditation 1:

Visualize a small ball of luminescent, white, healing light at your lower spine. Visualize this ball cutting through from this spot to your naval.  From your naval, the ball rises up the front of your body and then goes over your head and down the back of your neck to about the C-7 cervical level.  At this level, the ball of light cuts through to the front of your body. It then loops over head again and goes down to next, lower vertebrate.  Once again, the ball of light emerges through to the front of the body and loops over the head to the next vertebrate. The cycle is repeated until the tailbone is reached.

Meditation 2:

Starting at the tailbone, visualize the ball of light traveling up your back on the outside surface of your spine.  When it reaches the base of your skull, it enters the skull, circling up the inside surface of the back of your skull, around the top inside skull surface, and down the front inside surface behind your face. It then cuts over to your spine again, where it travels down the front of your spine to its bottom. At this point, visualize your spinal cord as a “hollow tube” in which the ball of light enters. The ball then travels up the back or rear of this spinal tube, and, in turn, proceeds around the inside of the skull as before. After entering the spinal cord again, the ball of light then travels down the front inside surface of the spinal tube. This represents one repetition. Do nine repetitions.


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