Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

HESC Procedures–What happens?


Preparing to go into the Operating Theater

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Procedures

In the two months of my first treatment last summer I had a total of five procedures along with six days of intense physical therapy and walking with leg braces.  This time around for my second treatment, Dr. Shroff and Dr. Ashish Verma are condensing all five stem cell procedures into one month.  The procedures include:

1)    Caudal Procedure (toward the tailbone area) – injection of two syringe-fulls of HESCs into the cauda equina area near the coccyx

2)    Deep Spinal Muscle Procedure – two injections of HESCs into the muscles on either side of my spinal cord at the site of injury

3)    Thoracic/Lumbar Puncture – injection of two syringes of HESCs below or above the injury site directly into the spinal cord

4)    Three-day Procedure – catheter inserted into the outer sheath of the spinal cord with tubing that is taped to the back and a portal that hangs over the shoulder.  HESCs are injected into the portal to saturate the outer spinal area over the course of three days.

5)    Two-day Procedure – same as three-day but only for two days.

No physical therapy is allowed during procedures. 

Each procedure affects the body in different ways.

Both the Caudal Procedure and the deep spinal muscle procedure went without a hitch.  I noticed that my strength improved and Chavi increased my therapy repetitions to fifteen counts instead of ten.  After therapy, I practice walking in parallel bars.  My leg braces have been a challenge because my right foot has a tendency to supinate inwards.  Gabrielle, bless her heart, FedExed my leg braces back to India so they could make some critical adjustments.  I was hoping to try some different braces, but I will instead locate a good prosthetist in the United States to mold new braces that will fit correctly and put me in correct alignment.  All-in-all, I am showing improvement and the HESCs are working!


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