Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

January 27 – January 31, 2008: Improvements in my body!


Dr. Ashish Verma & Dr. Geeta Shroff

A Promise Kept

Four months at home of hard work and intense physical therapy with Tami, Gabrielle, Dale, and Zander; a weekly yoga session with Emily Hightower; and a weekly massage with CP; walking regularly in my leg braces and parallel bars; and cycling on my electrical stimulation bicycle three times a week has ALL PAID OFF!!!!!  I am pleased to report that Chavi (my adorable physical therapist in India), Dr. Shroff, Dr. Ashish Verma, and Mum are absolutely thrilled with my progress.  Having been gone for four months, they clearly see my strength and improvements.  It has been tough to monitor my own progress at home.   My trunk mobility and lower abdominal strength is remarkable. 

·         I can rotate my pelvis while on all fours;

·         I am able to lift up a hand balancing on two knees and one hand with ease and without falling over (originally I had difficulty simply balancing on all fours, let alone crawling forwards and backwards);

·         I am stronger when I lift up to a kneeling position on my knees, balancing with my therapist/partner and maintaining a straight posture with my hips forward;

·         I am able to slightly kick my leg (knee down to foot) away from the mattress when sitting on the edge (something I could never do before—quads and hamstrings);

·         from a sitting position in the wheelchair I can lift my legs one at a time and place one foot forward in front of the other, which is evidence of increased power in my leg muscles;

·         and Mum is amazed at my ability to place my legs on the bed one by one on my own without lifting them with my hands.  Upon leaving India last August, I made a promise to Chavi that I would return stronger than when I left.  I kept that promise and Chavi is impressed.  While the stem cells continue to grow, I have rewarded their growth feeding them with the necessary conscious mental positivity and physical stimulation in exercise.  I firmly believe that mental consciousness influences stem cell expression.  Dr. Laurance Johnston forwarded me a note after he recently finished reading the six volume metaphysical/spiritual classic “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” by Baird Spalding.  In lectures given in the 1935-37 period, Spalding stated the following, which seems very relevant to HESC transplantation.

Page 78 Volume 6: 

“As the cell divides and creates a new cell, our thought is implanted upon it.”“In the first cell, all is perfect. That cell was first known as the Christ cell.  It is always just as young as ever it was. It never takes on old age. It is the primal spark of life. When we implant in it our thoughts of limitation or old age, or any condition outside of perfection, the body responds. Cells born from the first cell take on its image. Originally it is the image and likeness of God. It is perfect in every way. But it becomes the form we carry in our minds.”

“…if we carry the image of perfection always, what will it do for these cells? It will build perfection.” 

Page 92:

“The moment a cell divides itself from the parent cell, and the instant before it divides itself, it takes on the exact image of the parent. As it goes out, it comes under the influence of this imperfection that we think for ourselves. What happens? We see the vibrations of the cell lowered, and in some instances when it attaches itself to the organ where it belongs, it is a dead thing…The very thought influence of imperfection influences that cell until it dies. The vibrations go so low that the dynamic influence flows out.” 

I have managed to maintain this positivity regardless of my immense challenges these past few days.  Last Sunday I had my backpack stolen with all of my most important documents including US passport, wallet (credit cards), cash, driver’s license etc.  The backpack also carried my Vocare electrical stimulation device I use to urinate.  Although my bladder is becoming stronger I still use the device to empty fully and to check the residuals left in my bladder.  This negates the use of catheters, and thus exposing me to possible infection.  So, the device is gone!  What is my lesson in all of this?  I MUST learn to fully pee on my own—which I am, on most occasions.  My bladder is getting stronger.  All of my belongings/documents can be replaced.  My lesson is to surrender, let go of all of my attachments, and know that I already have what I need—the love from my mother, my friends, this beautiful community here in India, food for my belly, a roof over my head, and a warm comfortable bed to sleep in at night.  I have so much more than the lonely soul on the roadside across the street who has nothing but the shirt on his back.  A new credit card arrived via FedEx today, and a new electrical stimulation device will arrive by Monday.  A new passport is being processed at the US Embassy…so all is well.


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