Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Hospital Accreditation

Dr. Shroff ought to be very proud of the new hospital.  Patients are comfortable, nurses are on duty 24 hours, and it is run efficiently.  As any business or building in Delhi might experience the occasional power outage or hot water shortage, Nutech Mediworld is relaxed and feels like home.  The nurses are the sweetest, most attentive angels I have ever experienced.  Most of the nurses are petite and come from north eastern India.  They genuinely care beyond the call of duty. 

Nutech Mediworld underwent an international inspection this week.  I am proud to report on Dr. Shroff’s behalf, that both hospitals passed comprehensive inspections.  The Green Park Nutech Mediworld attained the ISO certification (International Organization for Standardization).  The ISO was founded in 1947, as a worldwide standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations.  ISO is non-governmental organization that has the ability to set standards that often become law.  The older hospital—Nutech Mediworld located at Gataum Nagar, New Delhi—was granted a BCI Certificate.  This Certificate was awarded as a Platinum British Standard, which only one other hospital in Delhi has acquired.  Congratulations to Dr. Shroff, Dr. Ashish Verma, and her phenomenal staff for attaining such an accreditation. 


  Marcia Hudson wrote @

Hello Amanda,
Thank you for letting us know about the recent accreditations for Dr. Schroff’s hospitals. I am familiar with the ISO process and know how valuable this certification is.
My son, William and I will be arriving at Nutech Mediworld on March 2nd for Will to begin his treatments. He suffered a stroke 2 years ago that left him blind and hopes to regain some vision with the stem cell therapy. We have long anticipated our trip and have very high hopes for the stem cell therapy’s success.
I have enjoyed reading your blog entries and I sincerely hope you continue to get the improvements you are working so hard towards.
Best Regards,

  viresh dubey wrote @

can i pls have the address of the dr shroff clinic in delhi as i wanna take my son there



  Greeshma Nair wrote @

Dear Sir,

My father is suffering from Progressive supranuclear palsy from past 3 yrs. He has difficulty in walking, swallowing, vision and also cannot speak. Please let me know if you offer stem cell treatment for patients with PSP.


Greeshma Nair
Lalitha sadan

  john swift wrote @

can you p;ease let me know if you envisage a treatment for parkinsins disease.
i have the early stages at the moment
i have read about your stemcell research
and seen it on british tv

i look forward to hearing from you in he near future.
your work gives sufferers of disabling diseases
hpoe for the first time.
you are to be commended for your courage in this field of medical research

  patel wrote @

do they treat diabetes – taking stem cells from your own body to insert in another part of the body, has anyone had that treatment ? as i understand it is successful so far

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