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Feb. 15th–Coming Home Soon & Interesting Delhi Facts…

I must preface this communiqué with a humungous thank you for your loving emails.  I can’t wait to turn on my computer and receive your little notes of encouragement.  I am sending you love right now…and thanks to all.

Friday, February 15, 2008

As I sit in my room, computer balancing on the bed, the sun shines outside and two pigeons sit on the ledge on the neighboring building.  I celebrated my Valentine’s Day with these two love birds (they’ve been doing the mating ritual for weeks until mum actually caught them in the act not long ago).  This is the type of excitement that is witnessed from my little hospital room two floors up at Nutech Mediworld.  Pigeons mate for life.  Together they perch themselves on sills and precarious concrete outcrops preening and snuggling.  I have nicknamed them Geegee and Ashi (short for Geeta and Ashish meaning Song of God and Blessings respectively).  Together they bring the song of life and blessings to me daily.  They are my friends.  They cock their heads and twist their necks when I speak in a high pitched voice through the windows.  This is their home, and it is mine too.

Interesting Delhi Facts

Today is literally another “spectacular” day in Delhi, and I say that with all sincerity.  I squeezed my wheelchair through a narrow doorway to sit in the sunshine on a small balcony outside Room 208.  Usually the “spectacular” comment would be with tongue in cheek, but the temperature is a pleasant 71 degrees Fahrenheit (21 C) with a wonderful 0.6 miles (1km) visibility.  Yes, I can actually see the building down the street more than a block away.  In contrast I think of Tucker snuggled in bed at Gabrielle’s house in chilly Basalt as the temps dip to a high of 24 F (or -4 C).  For breathability sake, the visibility in Basalt is currently 10 miles (16.1 km) and that’s with clouds and pending snow showers!Today’s Times of India reads that Delhi is busy adding 308 cars and 600 two-wheelers everyday to its tally of 5,036,842 automobiles (as per surveys done in 2006).  As a result pollution levels are ricocheting back to where they stood before 2000.  In fact, Delhi barely met the national bench mark for 111 days of what is considered to be “clean air” recently.  Delhi is preparing to host the Commonwealth Games in 2010 and is being compared to Beijing, which is hosting this year’s 2008 Olympics.  Beijing managed to meet the national standards for clean air with 245 days (mostly because they stopped using diesel cars and two wheelers, and they relocated the pollution industry).  What’s ailing Delhi is the increasing number of automobiles, especially those run on diesel. 

Regardless of Delhi’s pollution problem (and to the amazement of the nurses) my oxygen saturation levels continue to remain at 100 percent.   As I flicked through today’s newspaper, another article was headlined:  Night-time noise increases blood pressure.  Yes, the daily rag confirms that the din of modern life can be harmful to my health.  All this as Delhi’s horns unrelentingly honk, airplanes fly overhead, and dogs bark through the night.  Apparently, all of these noises (sorry to report Mum…even snoring) could be giving my blood pressure an unwelcome boost.  Interestingly, the average decibel levels for everyday sounds are:  Quiet room: 40 decibels; Vacuum cleaner:  70 decibels; Rock music:  110 decibels; and a Loud horn:  a whopping 140 decibels!  After reading such facts, I am also proud to report that despite Delhi’s cacophony of noises at all hours of the day and night my blood pressure remains a stellar “normal”.  With this knowledge, I can’t help but believe that stem cells are most likely keeping my body in check.

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