Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Louisa Smart, Patient Update


Louisa Smart, Australia

Patient of Dr. Geeta Shroff

Louisa arrived in India on the 18/09/07 and spent two months at Nu Tech Mediworld for her first initial HESC treatment.

Medical History:

“My date of injury was 4 June 2004.  After twenty-four hours of severe back pain, I was diagnosed with a condition called Transverse Mylitas.  I was totaly paralysed to the T6 level within that time and then spent the next five months in rehab.

The condition is very rare and approximately five are diagnosed with this condition in Australia every year.  The research I have done has shown that every case seems to be different so there was no precise information.  The myelin sheath around the spinal cord is stripped, which pose some similarities to Multiple Sclerosis.

When I left the hospital I had slight movement in my right leg. I have improved with this right leg movement over time and can now take weight on my leg for transfers.

When I arrived at Dr. Shroff’s Nu Tech Mediworld Hospital in India a couple of weeks ago, I had no muscle activation on my left leg and very limited trunk control. I have always had sensation in my bowel and bladder but no control as such.”

Email: on Louisa’s progress:  March 3, 2008

In Lousia’s own words:  “I am just plodding along. I left India with increased touch sensation over my whole body (this now means I can feel every touch so this will stop any accidental damage to me). I believe that my sensations are still intensifying as I can now distinguish sharp from dull but I still don’t have temp or pain sensation. Nerve pain and numbness has gone from under my upper arms (this was very pain full and has been a Godsend) and overall nerve pain in my legs is reduced. I have increased use of my right leg and some activation of the muscles in my left leg. I have increased my trunk control so I have much better balance. I can stand in calipers and take my full body weight through my legs and can now move my left leg without assistance but as I don’t take my full weight on my left leg the right still needs help to move. Peter has made me a set of parallel bars for out the back and they have been a great to get me moving.

I still train five days a fortnight with Craig and have set myself an exercise plane of the other days (yes Alex I am finally getting motivated).

Craig (my trainer) has found that by using a pressure point on my foot near my middle toe we are able to activate the muscles to replica natural leg movements. This has allowed me to greatly increase the muscle tone on my legs without as much work. He has also tried it with Sonya Smith but unfortunately it doesn’t work with her. We believe that as I haven’t severed my spinal cord the messages can travel up to my brain and back to make the movements happen.

I think I have seen something on TV with them using electrical impulses to get peoples legs working this way.

I will be commencing a program call Project Walk hopefully in the very near future that is designed to get people up and walking. I believe that it has been in place in America and England for a little while but at this stage I only have limited information. I have added the link to the video for any one that is interested. The program doesn’t seem to use calipers so I am very excited to see how it goes and will keep you updated.”

Watch the video at  


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