Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Third HESC Treatment in India planned for May 2- June 2, 2008

While it seems that I have only just returned from paradoxical Delhi (February 19th to be exact), I am anxious to figure out my next journey abroad so I can keep my focus and prepare mentally and physically.   

Each day I am grateful to live in such a pristine mountain valley.  Today’s sky was crystal clear and cobalt blue.  Gabrielle and I could see for hundreds of miles as we gazed from the top of the High Alpine chairlift at Snowmass this afternoon.  The trees were flocked with last night’s snow and I said a quiet prayer to the wind before I skied off in fluffy chopped up powder.  I was in heaven.

Each day I stick to my rigorous routine.  Many hours are filled with physical therapy, yoga, riding my electrical stimulation bike, and walking in my leg braces.  Exercising Tucker is an essential component, as is getting outdoors either cross-country skiing or downhill.  Speaking to audiences and enlightening them of my journey has been fun and stimulating.  But, writing is my true passion.  While I am living the final part to my first manuscript, I feel the need to simply write an epilogue so I can begin book two and fill it with rich tales I am yet to experience.

Both Tami and Emily (my PT and yoga teacher respectively) have noticed new strength in my movements since returning from my second treatment in India.  All of my exercises are easier because I am stronger.  Stem cell therapy depletes my energy during treatment, so it has been wonderful to allow my strength to return fully.  One glitch is that I have had difficulties with the Indian leg braces that were made for me.  When I stand, my body is not aligned properly, with my feet planted squarely on the floor.  My left leg becomes painful and I cannot stand for long periods of time. Consequently I have an appointment on March 18th to see a prosthetist in Glenwood Springs who might be able to build me some lighter and higher quality leg braces that will work more effectively.   Tami and Emily have agreed to join me at this meeting to make sure we convey the most accurate information according to my needs.

Airline Miles Needed Please

There is always a need to raise funds for the future.  Yet, my immediate need is arranging a round trip flight to Delhi, India from the USA.  Last trip it was impossible getting an upgrade with United Airlines and Lufthansa.  I ended up enduring the flight crumpled up in economy class.  Flying such horrendously long distances for thirty-something hours is grueling and taxing on my body.  My legs swell if they cannot be elevated and my nerve burning pain returns. 

I am putting out a request to see if any person could donate a full business class round trip ticket on any airline that flies to India and back for my third treatment in May and my fourth treatment in October?  Business class travel would enable me to elevate my feet and legs so I can recline my seat, rest, and endure the long flights.  A donated ticket would have to be booked with the maximum air miles needed for a business class ticket according to the airline, and booked in my name, Amanda Boxtel.  (I will purchase a separate economy class ticket for my caregiver.)

Please, can you donate a round trip Business Class ticket with your air miles in Amanda Boxtel’s name:

FROM:  Aspen (ASE); Eagle/Vail; or Denver (DEN)

TO:  Delhi, India

Travel Dates for Amanda: 

  • § May 2-June 2, 2008
  • § October 2-November 8, 2008

Donate Your Miles on any airline that flies to Delhi, India from the USA. 


Amanda Boxtel

PO Box 3767

Basalt, CO 81621


Tel:  +970-927-3630


Thank you so much for your consideration. 

Until my next installment and as always with love and gratitude for your support and encouragement. 


Amanda xo

(and Tucker, who is on the floor stretched out fast asleep dreaming of chasing tennis balls)

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