Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Email from my friend Jennifer…

I am so blessed to have friends like Jen…
April 26, 2008
Hello Dear,
I had a very vivid dream about you night before last.  What I clearly recall was how well you walked and ran inside of my dream!!!  When I woke up I nearly called you, then thought, “that’s silly, perhaps even unkind, to share with her” .  Now that I’ve read your recent message I don’t think sharing my images of you ambulating on your own legs silly at all!  Maybe it portends things to come!  You were running so fast that your hair was streaming behind you.  It was a beautiful sight!
Thank you for the in-depth update of the recent events in your life!  It was fascinating reading.  I commend you for ALL that you’re doing as a pioneer in the uncharted territory of stem cell research!  It takes an extremely rare person with tremendous desire and drive to continue to strive to make gains in this new world!  From taking the risk to go to India the first time to enduring ever so much hardship as well as moments of joy in the interim takes something greater than courage!  Filthy living conditions in India, undergoing treatments that made you severely ill, eating ever so much curry, passport problems, airline troubles, having your wallet stolen, facing a recalcitrant U.S. medical establishment, raising funds, trying to work, managing your life between 2 continents, being away from Tucker and Dale… and on and on are but a short list of just a few of the trials you’ve had to face in less than one year!!!  You’ve got something in you that’s beyond tenacious!  And, we both know, is also divinely driven.
I shall keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  I will also email you when you’re in India.
Travel safe.  Be well.
All my love,


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