Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Dr. Geeta Shroff and Dr. Ashish Verma are COMING TO AMERICA!

Dr. Shroff and Dr. Ashish have been invited by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin to present at a conference in Las Vegas on June 26, 2008.  Dr. Shroff will have numerous American patients meeting her for the conference to support and provide their personal testimonials if needed.  This will be an exciting initiation into the United States and will follow some ground-breaking news that will air on CBS and Fox Television in the US and Channel 9 News in Australia next Tuesday, May 27th.  This is a world first!  I have been sworn to secrecy until this story comes out…so WATCH the television next Tuesday!  I’ll report more as soon as the story breaks. J

I am nearing the end of day three of my epidural catheter procedure.  The tape covering my entire back is itchy and annoying…I can’t wait to have it ripped off later this afternoon and the catheter removed.  I have one more dose of HESCs soon—Dr. Ashish will inject three syringes full of stem cells into the portal over my right shoulder.  I will rest still for two hours…and then I’ll be FREE.  My hair is greasy and I feel stinky having not showered for three days.  Thank goodness for the invention of baby wipes.  It will feel so delicious to have hot water pour over my head and body when we return to Room 208 in the other hospital.  I’m counting down the hours.

My computer keeps wigging out, intermittently dying and the screen freezing to white.  I will pray that I am able to send this communiqué off in case it seizes up completely (fingers crossed it doesn’t).   

Until next time and with love, Amanda xoxo



  Jyoti Naik wrote @

Hi Amanda

This is so exciting . you are going to be doing wonders for so many people round the world for having Dr Geeta Shroff coming to USA.

Hope you are feeling better and coping with the heat.
love Jyoti UK

  Catherine wrote @

Hi Amanda,

Having read through a number of your diary entries I believe that you have an enormous capability for empathy and insight.
I would be enormously grateful for your thoughts on how a child may cope with the side effects of the 3 day headache/mgraine that you described following injection of stem cells into the spinal cord.
We are very keen for our 9 year old daughter who is paraplegic to have ESC treatment with Dr Geeta, but our major concern is this side effect.
what are your thoughts on the tolerability of the side efficts for a child.
I know its a difficult question,. Our daughter has shown remarkeable drive and desire to be able to walk following paraplegia as a result of a spinal tumor.
It would be valuable to have your feedback on this aspect of the treatment.
Many thanks
Catherine Martin

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