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More Delhi Facts

More Delhi Facts

The Times of India reports interesting news items from around the globe.  It is refreshing to read a paper that doesn’t have an American slant on world current events.  I skim over gunshot stories, robberies, ladies committing suicide due to dowry pressures, girls being raped etc. (the same stuff I read in the Denver Post, USA Today, and New York Times).  Instead, I seek out tidbits of trivia that peak my interest.  There are 30,000 stray cows in Delhi with a recent governmental crackdown on illegal dairies.  India has the largest and most expensive home being built in the world with an estimated value of US$2 BILLION standing at 27 stories tall.  Another headline read:  Women at Risk.  The total number of abortions in India is 6.4 million per year.  The number of unsafe abortions is 4 million and the maternal mortality due to unsafe abortions is 8% (or 18,000 women).

The most disturbing headline last week during Emily’s visit was printed in large bold type: “TERROR TUESDAY”.  May 12th struck with bloodied streets in the Pink City of Jaipur.  Jaipur, a popular tourist destination only a few hundred kilometers from Delhi, was bombed several times in the span of fifteen minutes.  63 people were killed and hundreds injured.  This terrorist act was blamed on anti-Hindu and anti-Muslim extremists possibly linked with the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).  Terror Tuesday’s blasts were orchestrated in a manner to inflict maximum casualties and fatalities. 

While it is disturbing to hear that such a horrific event took place so close to Delhi, I feel safe in my home away from home nestled in the womb of Nu Tech Mediworld.  Security is heightened around the country and I feel confident that Judy will be safe next week as she ventures off to Agra and the majestic Taj Mahal. 

Next week I will have a meeting with an astrologer who was recommended by Dr. Mittal.  I want to have my chart read by a knowledgeable Indian astrologer more for fun than anything.  I lined up a meeting last week during Emily’s visit.  My chart sparked much curiosity.  Cornell Gaul, the astrologer, was accompanied by two female students who were fascinated with their findings.  The meeting became an hour and half interview of me and my life thus far, rather than my discovering what the wonders of the astrological stars and signs could tell me.  Emily’s chart wasn’t even touched upon.  I surrendered and chose to go with it.  I had become a case study.  I have agreed to meet with Cornell Gaul next week along with seven more students who wish to meet me.  I am intrigued by what is so fascinating about my astrological chart.  What I did find out was that I will most likely get married in the next 2-3 years and have a child.  Yeeha!


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