Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

New Movement since Beginning my Third HESC Treatment

Since beginning my third treatment, I have shown noticeable improvement in my strength. 

·         I am able to hold my kneel standing position on my knees for a longer period of time with less pressure on Chavi for balancing. 

·         Walking on my knees is easier and more balanced, with slightly less pressure on Chavi.

·         I am able to sit on a large therapy ball and balance on my own, holding my thighs with my hands, and then lifting one hand at a time holding for ten counts.  This is a first!  Tami will be proud of me.

·         Chavi is practicing holding my knees while I brace myself with my arms in the parallel bars and standing without calipers (leg braces) on my own.  This is the most difficult exercise as I cannot yet stand alone without Chavi’s support.  Mentally and visually it is a good exercise to aspire toward my goal of standing alone on my own unsupported.

·         While it is difficult to move my quadriceps against gravity, I have discovered that I can move my leg from the knee to foot forward while lying on my side.  This position allows my quad to fire more easily and the movement is more obvious.

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