Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

A WORLD FIRST! Perry breathes on his own for the first time in 14 years!,,91251-1317234,00.html
Visit the link above to read about Perry Cross, a C-2 quadriplegic who is breathing on his own for the first time in 14 years.  Click on the video clip and watch Perry breathe!  Perry is my hero.  If he can breathe, then we can ALL be inspired to believe that we will show improvement ourselves.  If he can do it, we can too!
For the first time, he has hope
For the first time he has hope!


  DM wrote @

Hi Amanda

I thought you might be interested in this comment made by Dr Young on Care Cure:

“I know Perry Cross. If her treatment has allowed him to breathe on his own, I am ready to be a convert and reconsider all my statements about her therapy. Wise.”

  aspenamanda wrote @

It’s fabulous that Wise is finally “wising up” to Dr. Shroff and her successes with over 500 patients. I witnessed Perry breathe on his own for more than 12 hours. No longer can the Wise Young’s of this world turn a blind eye to what is taking place in India. I am living proof…and Perry Cross is living proof that human embryonic stem cells work divinely to bring the breath of life into our bodies, which nobody can dispute.

  Fred wrote @

Hi, Thankyou for your perspective on Geetas work, I have no doubt that Human Embryonic Stem Cells will be the answer for future therapies. And I’m sure nobody would dispute Geetas claims if she actually provided verifiable evidence. Scientific papers submitted to journals. Peer reviewed documentation. Thorough evidence that stood up to rigorous testing. Why should people with SCI (or anything else) accept anything less than this?
Is the situation so, that word of mouth and testimonials are all it takes to make people fly to India and risk their lives with unproven injections? She seems lovely and the testimonials are convincing, but I don’t think we should let go of the science which serves us so well in every other aspect of our medicine – The FDA have placed a hold on an application for the most promising clinical trials yet – this is where our focus and efforts should be if we want to see a truly spectacular advance in stem cell therapy. Not in unconventional, unproven, unforgiving injections in a country where their own establishment rejects their claims. Her patent is not evidence, it is merely a collection of claims, supported by short stories. I’ll take evidence over faith any day where the critical health of people I love is concerned.

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