Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Judy was a choice caregiver…the very best of the best!

I couldn’t have asked for a more caring soul to join me on my last two-weeks in Delhi.  Judy was easy-going and absolutely hilarious.  I honestly think we laughed our way through most of the final days at Nu Tech Mediworld.  Judy beat me at scrabble EVERY time yet my luck came through with Yahtzee.  When either one of us tossed five matching die in a row, we both threw our arms up in the air screaming, “YAHTZZZZEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”  At one point, the nurses came rushing in to see what all the hoop-la was about.  We sang along to my ipod at the tops of our lungs to eighties romance tunes, each of us singing along to every word.  Judy is a closet karaoke wannabe.  In the hallway she’d break into song as she passed by the nurses’ station, “You don’t bring me flooooweeers…any-moooooooore!”

Judy was soooo much fun, and at the same time very “real”.  She felt the heart vibration of the hospital, the patients, the doctors and nurses, and the people.  She is wise beyond her years…but the best thing about Judy is that she totally gets what it means to sleep in, have a cuppa coffee first thing, and utter no more than a grunt for the first half hour of waking up.  She also understood my deep pining for Tucker cuddles and kisses.  Judy owns three golden retrievers so doggie conversation was always a good topic.  We were perfect “roomies”.  I am blessed that Judy travelled so far and took vacation time from her work to experience the eccentricities of life in Delhi with me.  Thank you my Angel friend.  I love you so very much.

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