Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

New feelings in my body…

A five-inch epidural catheter is about to be extracted from my back after three days.

During Judy’s visit, I had a three-day epidural procedure, and a deep spinal muscle procedure at Gataum Nagar’s Nu Tech Mediworld.  Millions of HESCs were injected into the outer sheath of my spinal cord and for the first time since becoming paralyzed sixteen years ago, the pain was excruciating.  I have noticed that my body has become super sensitive and as my sensation increases in my pelvic area, so has the pain.  This is different from the nerve burning pain that I have experienced for so long.  In fact, the horrible nerve burning pain has almost dissipated completely.  This pain is a real bodily ache.  When the stem cells are injected into me during all procedures, I feel genuine pain.  It’s real…and I welcome it.  I breathe through the pain turning it into a delicious pain that I try to love, opening myself to the newness of it all.  I haven’t felt this type of pain in my pelvis, my hips, my buttocks, my thighs and even slightly into my calf muscles for many years.  As the stem cells were injected into me, the pain bled down into the lower half of my body like mercury rising into a thermometer.  My legs felt heavy and my sinus cavities were pressure-filled.  As a result of the three-day epidural catheter procedure, I felt stronger in my last week of physical therapy and my balance improved even more.  I was able to sit on the therapy ball with one hand in the air balancing perfectly still holding for at least ten seconds.  This is a first.  

Another noticeable improvement is that for the first time in sixteen years, I can now feel muscle fatigue and aches midway through my exercises.  For so long I have wished for my legs to ache like they used to after dancing or running hard.  Last week I felt this same sensation.  My thigh muscles actually ached.  Wow.  How I love the pain.  As I sit here typing, I can here Dr. Ashish’s smiling voice exclaiming, “Superrrrrrrrb!” in his perfectly Indian accent.

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  Kim from Australia wrote @

Hi Amanda

How’s things?
Has there been more changes?
I’m gradually getting less neuropathic pain in my right leg, but my left is still pretty bad.
Has the muscle fatigue decreased? I guess if your pushing yourself then that might not.
I’ve had only a small advance in a side lift movement of my left calf and ankle. Just have to keep up the physical theraphy.
I haven’t contacted Dr Shroff as yet, I have to wait a few months before I can schedule an MRI. Hope things are still improving for you. Keep the updates comming 🙂

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