Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Wise Young Meets Perry Cross–Yet, still a skeptic!

Perry you Rock!  You are my hero!!!!!  Thanks for being the collective voice for us all.  It takes a humble individual like Perry Cross to cause a skeptic and naysayer like Wise Young to possibly change his tune and spark his curiosity.  Congratulations Perry.  Last week on Monday June 2nd in Delhi we sat on your front porch and you mentioned you’d pay Wise a visit when you reached American soil…and you followed through.  Perhaps now the world will begin to realize that Dr. Geeta Shroff is the real deal that nobody can dispute nor turn a blind eye to her revolutionary technology.  Thank you Perry, on behalf of all of her patients who are defying the odds…and for those of us who have been publicly beaten down by Wise Young while we hold our heads high keeping our dignity and faith despite his skepticism. The world must pay attention to clinical trials when courageous individuals such as yourself show mammoth improvements.  Wise, all I ask of you is to remain respectful and curious.  One day the world will collaborate for the betterment of humanity.  Human Embryonic Stem Cells is Life Giving Life…and for you Perry Cross, literally the Breath of Life.  With love and tremendous respect my friend, Amanda
POSTED by Wise Young on CareCure Forum, June 10, 2008
I just spoke to Perry Cross. He came to Rutgers and we spent a couple of hours together. He has made significant improvements in his ability to breathe off the ventilator. First, let me tell you how I know him. I first met him in 1996 in Brisbane. He subsequently came to visit me probably in 1998 or 1999. I met him again in 2003 when I was in Sydney with Christopher Reeve.

For the past 14 years, Perry has been on a ventilator and unable to move anything below his shoulder. He has often tried to wean off the respirator over the years. Every several days, they would take him off the respirator to see how long he can manage. Until 3 months ago, he was not able to go off for more than 10 minutes. For the past three months (just ending last week), he has been receiving daily (6 days a week) injections of cells that Dr. Geeta Shroff claims are human embryonic stem cells. The cells were injected mostly intramuscularly (I did not ask exactly where but Perry did say that some of the injections were made into neck muscles).

He is now able to get off the respirator for an hour or more without significant distress. In fact, on one occasion, he fell asleep without the respirator for an hour. They use to rush to reconnect him back onto the respirator when he is being transferred off airplanes, etc. but they are now able to be quite leisurely about it. In fact, they are not panicked about going on very long flights because they are confident that he can go without the respirator for fairly long periods. Perry says that longest has been 12 hours. Perry also says that he is getting some trunk movements back and some deep sensations in his thorax, but not in his hands. He says that he is getting trace triceps for the first time on the right. Finally, he has had no complications or problems as a result of the almost daily injections of the cells.

To me, Perry looks quite healthy and happy, compared to the times that I have seen him before. His cheeks are ruddy, the skin on his hands look healthy. He was able to rock side to side and forward and backwards, something that I cannot recall him doing before. He was on a respiratory and laughed, smiled, and talked with enthusiasm. He of course did not demonstrate his breathing in the lab but I believe his description. Prior to the treatment, he was doing “frog” breathing and did not last 10 minutes. This was confirmed by the people who travelled with him.

Upon further questioning, Perry says that Geeta Shroff is treating everybody with the same human embryonic stem cell line. He has requested to see the laboratory but she has not allowed him to see it. However, she answered all other questions. Perry is going back to India for a month of further treatments in November. He has paid something like US$40,000 for the treatment to date. They did not stay in the place but rented a house. They went daily to the clinic where he got physical therapy and the treatment. There was no special exercise or other therapy. They did not have a respiratory therapist and Perry is planning to find a respiratory therapist/doctor when he returns to Australia to go through a proper evaluation and weaning.

While it it is possible for a person on the ventilator to regain the type of function that Perry did without any therapy, it is striking that all these improvements happened to coincide with the timing of the treatment. The fact that the improvements are modest also lend some credibility to his claims. If Perry had gotten substantial breathing changes, like getting off the respirator in 3 months, I would not have believed. Finally, the procedure seems to have had NO negative side-effects for Perry.

Does this mean that the treatment is effective? I don’t know. But it is interesting and I will find out more.


Wise Young later posted this comment on his forum…  He is still not convinced!  (That’s okay Wise….just remain curious!)

Perry is by no means functional. He is not off the respirator by any means. He can get off the respirator for an hour or more. I know a number of people with high spinal cord injury who have gotten that much back on their own. He cannot move his hands. Yes, he told me that he has discovered that he has trace triceps but perhaps he didn’t really look for them until he started the treatment. After all, Christopher Reeve discovered that he can move his left index finger one day.

While I am willing to have an more open mind concerning this treatment, I am not yet convinced that this treatment is doing anything.



  Amy B. Scher wrote @

Rock on Perry! You changed the tune of someone who seems intent on eternal pessimism and skepticism.

“Does this mean that the treatment is effective? I don’t know. But it is interesting and I will find out more.” — Wise Young.

Although the above comment seems reserved for all of us patients who know that know this IS working, coming from someone as stoic as Wise, it’s like he’s letting his hair down!!

Amanda, your inspiration has inspired so many who then continue to inspire more. You and Perry are both heroes.


  gautam lakra wrote @

Why is Dr.Wise so pessimistic always. I know he has to be careful about what he says but that does not mean that he can always undermine research in third world countries. very typical. Is it because he has not been able to do what Dr.Shroff has done.

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