Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

July 8, 2008: Viva la Vida, Long Live Life!

Dr. Geeta Shroff speaks in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 26, 2008

A week has passed and I have had time to reflect on Dr. Geeta Shroff’s presentation in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Many patients from around the country flew in to give testimony to Dr. Shroff including Perry Cross (C2 quadriplegic) from Australia with his mother Shirley and his two caregivers, Kyron and Lance; Amy Scher (Lyme patient) and her parents; Will Hudson (visually impaired patient) and wife Marcie; Louis (paraplegic) and Amy Miceli; Kasie Burtard (paraplegic) with friend Sonia;

Kasie stands on her own without leg braces by locking her knees.  Her friend Sonia spoke on Kasie’s behalf at the conference.

Lauren and Inga (spinal cord neurological patient) from Canada; and Ishan’s diabetic Uncle from Canada along with ten or more prospective patients from around the United States all hoping to meet with Dr. Shroff and Dr. Ashish personally during their brief visit on American soil. 

I was so impressed with Dr. Shroff and her graceful composure as she spoke in front of her Indian physician colleagues on American soil.


While Dr. Shroff presented her materials eloquently and professionally, I was disappointed with the lack of organization from the conference itself, namely the National Convention for the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI). Although Dr. Shroff and Dr. Ashish received letters in advance from the AAPI confirming their speaking date, time, and venue, everything became a muddled mess the day they were initially scheduled to speak.  It was appalling how Dr. Shroff’s presentation was changed several times…including a date change and also four room changes on the day of her originally scheduled meeting.  When it came time to present, only a third of the room was filled, and she had absolutely no audio-visual technical help from the conference staff.  Additionally, no-one from the actual conference introduced her.  It was her close physician friend who stood up, recognized her accolades and introduced her.  It was outrageous what happened.  In hindsight, it seems that someone high up in the organization was determined to make it as difficult as possible for Dr. Shroff to present.  It is probable that the entire mix up was an intentional personal attack in opposition to her controversial human embryonic stem cell treatment.  The immense lack of organization makes me want to personally fight harder for Dr. Shroff’s success and the respect she deserves. 

The Las Vegas experience is indicative of the extreme professional animosity posed on this brilliant young doctor and her revolutionary HESC treatment.  The oft-expressed complaint on Dr. Shroff’s findings is summed up from this blogger’s recent comment as “unconventional, unproven, with unforgiving injections in a country where their own establishment rejects their claims. Her patent is not evidence it is merely a collection of claims, supported by short stories.” 

I fear that we are amidst an insurmountable battle.  Until Dr. Geeta Shroff’s patent is approved (which could theoretically take several years) and her technology is actually disclosed to the world with verifiable scientific evidence, only then will her peers stand to attention and believe.  Patient testimonial is insufficient.  Yet I am believer.  Nobody can tell me otherwise.  I know my body and I know that it has changed miraculously in the past year since my first HESC injection on June 25, 2007.   Dr. Shroff’s patients who have shown remarkable improvement are believers too, including their friends and family members whose lives have been forever changed.

All miraculous life-changing occurrences for the betterment of humanity begin as a small speck and grow exponentially regardless of those in opposition.  Dr. Shroff will succeed and she will humbly continue forth on her mission, despite the skeptics.  I hold my faith that the changes in my body are a direct result of this treatment.  Long live the human embryonic stem cells that have given life to over 500 of Dr. Geeta Shroff’s patients.  Viva la Vida!  Long Live Life!  लंबे समय तक रहते हैं जीवन

A Room Full of Hope and Proof

On the evening after Dr. Shroff’s presentation in Las Vegas, an entire suite at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas was filled to the brim with her patients, all living proof that her HESCs are alive and working in their bodies.  With cake to celebrate, Dr. Shroff and Dr. Ashish thanked their patients for their unconditional support and testimony.  I looked around the room at the joy, the life, the elevated spirits of her patients and their families.  I clicked a snapshot photograph in my mind.  It was such an affirming picture that a small network of people from the United States of America are now benefiting from Dr. Shroff’s HESC treatment.  What started out as one voice is now growing into a collective emissary of hope for others to follow suit.  A movement is taking place of believers who can spread the message of Hope (with a capital H) like an unstoppable wave.  There is reason to not give up, but to seize this moment and bring life back into our ailing bodies.








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  Hemkumar C Patankar wrote @

I have heart problems and Parkinsons.

Amanda , you are doing a great job with your website which I visit regularly. You are right-medical professionals and pharmaceutical industries that will get wiped out with Dr. Shroff’s invention will fight her tooth and nails. Mentality of arrogance has not changed over a thousand years-Copernicus was burnt at the stake for proving earth revolved round the sun.

It is patients like you who have experienced the miracle of Dr. Shroff’s treatment will be her armour.

with regards

Hemkumar Patankar

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