Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

July 24, Patience achieves everything…

Let nothing perturb you, nothing frighten you.  All things pass. 

God does not change.  Patience achieves everything.

–Mother Teresa

I am keeping strong, holding my vision, continuing with my yoga practice, meditation, and physical therapy…and practicing walking in my leg braces.  Sometimes it’s really tough, I sweat, cry, and I wonder about the future…but I push on regardless keeping my faith and hope.  I am not afraid.  I am living my dream.  My legs are continuing to get stronger and my body is coming alive.

Thank you to those who offered housing for my Korean healers.  Long-time Challenge Aspen supporters Rusty and Nona Jones have graciously donated their two-bedroom condo in Snowmass Village for the week of August 10-17.  It will be an intense and exciting week of energy work and oriental healing—eight hours per day for seven days straight.  I will continue to create the divine foundation for my embryonic stem cells to gestate in my body and restore function to my limbs.  Thank you to my “anonymous” friends who have helped fund Dr. Choe and Dr. Jung’s visit.  I am so very grateful. 

I am leaving no stone unturned.

Sending so much love, gratitude, and healing light,

Amanda (and Tucker too J) xoxo




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  Kim from Australia wrote @

Congratulations Amanda – great photo!

Are taking digital movies of your walking?
It would be great to see the improvement as you keep practicing.
I find it hard to watch my walking on film but once you see some improvement, it makes you realise how it can help your own motivation. Especially on the bad days when the pain seems worse.

Your an inspiration! Keep the updates comming.


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