Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Oct. 19, 2008–A Blessed Life

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Blessed Life

“I aspire to walk.  I aspire to dance.

This is my goal.  This is my dream.

Mine is a portrait of Hope.”

– Amanda Boxtel

I have three days left to squeeze and record every square inch of transparent blue sky into my mind’s eye, while I inhale crisp mountain air deeply into my oxygen rich lungs.  For I will be bound for Delhi on a flight across some 7,727 miles (give or take a few) this Thursday, October 23rd.  On Wednesday I will kiss Tucker goodbye and drive to Denver.  Thanks to Karen Wing, I will fly business class on Continental Airlines from Denver to Newark and on to New Delhi, India.  Delhi’s forecast for Friday, Oct. 24th reads 93°F (34°C) clear, with 0.7 miles visibility.  I always check the visibility factor knowing that my eyes will be burning soon enough as I peer through smog-filled lenses on traffic-choked thoroughfares in Delhi.  Emergency breaking news from Delhi today reported that a fly-over bridge spanning 150 meters collapsed killing and injuring many.  This report comes just a few weeks after another bomb blast killed and injured locals in a busy flower market in Southern Delhi.  As I sit in my wheelchair in my little condo on the river in Basalt, I savor the mottled afternoon light that sheds golden rays through cottonwoods with the mountains clearly discernible in the distance.  It is so peaceful here.  How blessed my life is.

This trip will mark my fourth embryonic stem cell treatment in Delhi—a journey that has proven to be miraculous thus far…and one that I must pursue despite the challenges of living in a diversely incongruous yet poignant and intoxicating country as India.  I can’t wait to go back, yet I’ll need to be dragged out of Basalt by my ears to get there.  It’s a love-hate push-pull like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  Sprawled out on the floor surrounding my wheels are travel goodies that should last a month and hopefully stave off the dreaded Delhi Belly:  organic wild mushroom couscous; cuppa soups; tuna and wild sockeye salmon; Udi’s granola; Peet’s French Roast; dark chocolate; and a gazillion other delights not-to-mention travel scrabble.  The one thing lying amongst the pile of goodies is a blonde furry heap of love named Tucker.  Tucker doesn’t get to go to India and it breaks my heart to even think about leaving him for five loooooooong weeks.  Tucker will have to soak up the love of Auntie Gabrielle and the Emerson family, while leaving blonde hairs on their furniture and clothing to show how much he loves them back.  Tucker’s bags are packed too, complete with doggie brush, a new de-shedding comb, sticky hair-removal rollers, food, dog beds, his blankie, and treats.  It’s worse than a child!  Yes, my baby’s spoiled, but he’s worth it.

I will have one more day of PT with Tami, and one more day of yoga with Emily before Wednesday’s tearful departure.  I am indebted to my three angels–Tami, Emily, and CP who have all kept me strong, limber, and motivated.  We have been religious in our weekly schedule so I can live up to my promise to Chavi, my Indian physical therapist:  that is to return to India stronger than when I left.  I am able to do so much more with my body it seems.  All the hard work, commitment, and determination are paying off.  I can do a crazy squat lifting my bum high in the air, and I am able to now walk on my knees with ease while holding on to my walker.  Watch out Chavi…this blonde gal is gonna knock your socks off!

My big sister Michele will join me in Delhi from Oct. 26-Nov. 8.  Michele is making the arduous flight from Tasmania to spend two weeks with me.  She’s also a chiropractor, intuitive healer, and trained nurse who spent years working in ICU, so I will try to schedule my most difficult procedures during her visit so she can pull me through.  She’ll be the perfect caregiver to have on board.  I will be truly blessed to have her stay with me—we haven’t seen each other in years, so it will be quite the reunion.  My faithful and loving Mum will fly in Nov. 9-24 for the last two weeks of treatment.  Nu Tech Mediworld will be filled with Boxtels galore…and our infamous and sometimes obnoxiously loud laughs will echo down the hallways (I think my sister’s laugh is worse than mine so beware Dr. Shroff). 

The filming of the documentary sponsored by Ikandi Media in the United Kingdom will continue with film-maker John Eldrige (brother of Tom and son of Annalisa Mather).  John will join me for ten days in Delhi.  Tom and John are creating a film that is being shot over a two-year period documenting my journey of awakening.   

As I prepare to leave for five weeks away, I am wrapping up the fine details of organizing my next fund raiser.  My 2009 stem cell expenses will peak at approximately $78,000 so I am dreaming up creative means to keep this journey alive while being a beacon of Hope for our community and for humanity.  As I aspire to walk and dance, mine is a story of hope for others to follow and learn that there is reason to not give-up but live their lives richly and fully.

On December 5th the David Floria Gallery in Aspen will host an Opening Reception titled Awakening:  A Portrait of Hope, exhibiting the work of Dale Lee Roberts.  Dale’s contè crayon drawings are inspired by the awakening of my body after 16 years of paralysis.  See the flyer attached to this email for details.  Save the date:  Dec. 5th from 5-7 pm at the David Floria Gallery in Aspen to see Dale’s beautiful artwork and enjoy some free wine and hors d’oeuvres.  Donations will be accepted at the door and the art work is for sale to help pay for my ongoing stem cell treatments in India.  A ten-minute teaser of the documentary will be shown to bring life and meaning behind the exhibition.  A heartfelt thank you to our sponsors for helping make this event happen:  David Floria, graphic designer Curt Carpenter, Signature Picture Framing (Sue and Ken Krehbeil), El Jebeverage, Jimbo’s Wine and Liquors, Pinons (Rob and Beth Mobilian), and Blue Creek Grill (Carolyn Fisher). 

My stem cell journey is possible because of the continued outpouring of support from my community, friends, and loved-ones near and far.  A cheer of encouragement from a passerby, a personal note scribbled on a card, or a monetary contribution received as a surprise check in my post box, is appreciated beyond words and felt genuinely in my heart. 

My life if blessed.  This statement is felt to the umpteenth degree given life’s challenges imposed on three of my dear friends at this difficult time.  I live an amazing life and what I have to look forward to is renewed quality of life, strength, mobility, love, and good health.  I spare three quiet prayers for miraculous healing for Richard Shenk who has sustained a spinal cord injury and complications due to severe burns from a plane crash back in April this year; Case Ronde as he undergoes radiation, chemotherapy, and another imminent surgery on two tumors in his brain in Santiago, Chile; and Brian Speck who was recently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor after undergoing surgery in Glenwood Springs one week ago.  I believe in universal positive thinking and prayer in mass consciousness.  Miracles are possible and these three gentlemen need all the positive vibrations we can emanate toward their healing.  I relish each blessed moment and I am thankful for all that I have in my life.  Richard, Case, and Brian—keep the faith, live your lives right now, and fight like hell.  I love you.

Signing off until my next communiqué from that mad chaotic city half way around the world where taxi drivers are nuts and the holy cow reigns above all living things.

With love, peace, and healing light,

Amanda xo





1 Comment»

  Kim from Australia wrote @

Amanda !
Naked crayon drawings by your gorgeous Dale for sale.
You are incouragable (Is that a word!)
You go girl. Keep it going.
I am soooo jealous of your squats !!!!
I’ve just been going through a down moment and you have lifted me. I’m really adding you to my list of inspirational people. Perry Ross, I’m afraid, beat you to it 🙂
One day New Delhi for me to, for a new me 🙂
Or it would even be nice for an old me 😉

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