Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Lumbar Puncture Procedure a Breeze!


My Big Sister, Michele

I have been in Delhi for almost ten days and it already feels like a month.  I feel like a local and with each trip I immerse myself back into my routine like soft butter smoothed on a fresh slice of hot bread.  I soak in the culture and I am deliciously at ease.  My sister Michele has slipped into Delhi life without a hiccup…and sharing a small space with her little sis is uncomplicated and respectful.  Michele and I haven’t seen each other for five years, so we are enjoying rekindling our love and friendship.  I am so thankful that Michele has taken precious time off work to be with me in Delhi.  We’ve had some honest heartfelt conversations combined with ear-piercing laughter—Michele can really roar and when we both screech in absolute hilarity our laughter ricochets down hallways and penetrates walls.  The Boxtel sisters together are bad news.

Michele helped me through my first spinal procedure last week.  While I was rolled off to the Operating Theater on a gurney, Michele remained in the room in quiet mediation in front of her quartz crystals that she carried with her from Australia.  I practiced breathing deeply and thinking positively.  A hint of anxiety persisted in the recesses of my gut because this procedure was the dreaded lumbar puncture that has caused me to suffer an intense migraine with vomiting in the past.  This time was a breeze.  I soared through the entire procedure and overnight hospital stay headache-free with no other symptoms.  Amazing.  Simply amazing.  Could it have been Michele’s healing touch before and after the procedure, or Dr. Ashish’s precision, or the divine OM symbol that I spotted shining yellow on the ceiling of the operating theatre?  Me thinks it was a heavenly combination of all three, along with my determination and will to be well.  One spinal procedure down and the rest should be icing on the cake.

My Daily Routine…when not having a procedure

9:00 am – IM stem cell injection or IV infusion

9:30-10:30 or 11 – physical therapy including walking in my leg braces

12 noon – Private yoga session in my room with Rawat

2:00-3:00 – Physical therapy

Afterwards…..Reeeelaaaaaaaaaaaaaax! or sight see with my big sis

Pre-dinner stem cell injection as an appetizer.


Chavi, my physical therapist, along with Dr. Shroff and Dr. Ashish are all impressed with my improvements since my last treatment in May.  Taking four months off in between treatments has proven to be the perfect time frame to allow the embryonic stem cells to gestate in my body and make me stronger.  I kept my promise.  I have shown noticeable progress in strength and balance when I use my leg muscles in concert, walking on my knees and lifting my torso up from a squatting position.  Sitting and balancing on a ball is easier, and my posture has improved.  My dancer’s body is coming back.  One day I will twirl on the floor pirouetting, and maybe I’ll even wear a full skirt, and sexy high heels with pointy toes just to show off.

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