Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Documentary and Art Show

Cleaning My Sinuses

When combating Delhi smog, eat lots of curry and spicy food.  Often I don’t have a clue what I’m eating, but it’s usually yellow, tastes bloody good and my nose runs.  A hard blow and Voila! I can breathe again!  This is another fine example of the paradoxical good with the challenge of Delhi.  As temperatures grow cooler, Delhi’s smog increases.  I am warned to be careful of airborne diseases with polluted air.  As I walk/roll around the back streets amidst horn honking insanity, I return to the hospital feeling choked and phlegmy.  I cough and my chest rattles.  I yearn for Basalt’s cold mountain air.  In over a week’s time I will fly home, inhale deeply and appreciate my simple untainted, natural surroundings. 

Mum has been here for ten days and time has flown by.  We have been busy, busy, busy without a moment to sit still let alone post a blog entry.  John Eldridge (brother of Tom) flew in for a week to continue filming the documentary.  This film will portray the science of stem cells based on the patient’s perspective.  John and Tom are filming my progress over the span of two-three years, which will be the main thread woven through story.  Other patients have also been documented from previous visits to Delhi and we will do follow-up at-home visits with patients in the United States and Australia.  I have a vision of running on my favorite beach where Mum resides at Currimundi in Queensland, Australia.  Perhaps this is how the documentary will end.  What a beautiful thought—I can see it now, I can feel it. I am running with foamy waves chasing my perfect footprints in the sand.  Fine white granules squeak between my toes.  The sun has risen and I feel the salt sting on my cheeks.  I find that elusive pink shell.  I am ALIVE.

This documentary will shed a positive beam on Dr. Shroff’s plight and the journey she has taken to help over 560 patients from around the world who have been deemed incurable or terminally ill.  We conducted an hour and half interview, which was fantastic.  She spoke eloquently and truthfully from her heart.  Dr. Ashish gave an equally positive and honest perspective, which we will incorporate into the film.

A ten minute teaser of the film titled Life Giving Life will be shown at my next fund raiser on December 5th from 5-7 p.m. at the David Floria Gallery in Aspen.  See attachment for more details.  Samples of Dale’s beautiful artwork will be sent in a separate email.  Visit this link to view his stunning contè crayon drawings:

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