Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Mum is a Stem Cell Patient Too!


Mum is Now a Stem Cell Patient Too!

For more than twenty years, Mum has had a mild vestibular complaint, which occasionally causes a feeling of imbalance.  Not one single physician throughout the years has been able to improve her condition.  There is now hope.  As of yesterday, November 18, 2008, Mum was injected with human embryonic stem cells.  She has even begun physical therapy with balancing exercises, along with private yoga and acupressure sessions with Rawat.  Mum has extended her stay until the day I leave, Wednesday, November 26th.  We will be anxious to observe any changes and improvements.  Thank you Dr. Shroff for having the foresight and belief that you can help my mother.

Mum has been an angel and she is respectful and fun.  I am enjoying reconnecting as mothers and daughters do.  We visit places in Delhi that we have grown to love, we read books, buy flowers to make the room look pretty, grocery shop, buy chocolate, and we even took a two day jaunt to Jaipur for a change of scenery.  We each slept in a comfie bed with heavenly soft pillows, and I lounged in a steaming hot bath tub, luxuriating in one of life’s simple pleasures.  I fulfilled one little dream of riding a very big elllllliiiiphont named Shampa.  Her trunk had been painted in colorful swirls and flower motifs and I felt her cadence reverberate in my body as she strolled down the streets of Amber.  The mirrored palace in the Amber Fort will be embedded in my memory forever—a million mirrored mosaic tiles adorn the walls and ceilings in intricate patterns.  I find it difficult to fathom how such beautiful architectural structures were created four hundred years ago.


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