Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Spinal Procedures and Progress

Spinal Procedures and Progress

Since my arrival I’ve had four spinal procedures, three intravenous infusions, and twice daily stem cell injections.  My sister Michele nursed me through the two most difficult ones:  Lumbar Puncture below my level of injury; and then a Thoracic Puncture at my injury site (T11-12) combined with an Epidural Catheter Procedure.  During Mum’s visit I had the most painful procedure ever:  two Deep Spinal Muscle injections into the thoracic area above my bra line.  My muscles on either side of my spine and scapular cramped so badly with excruciating pain that if I knew prior to the injections I would have said that the pain was truly unbearable.  With some deep breaths I withstood the pain.  Tears filled my eyes and rolled onto the pillow.  I winced with each injection.  Within ten to fifteen minutes the pain had dissipated almost completely. 

The most recent and easiest procedure was a Caudal that was conducted in the OT of the newer hospital at Green Park yesterday.  Stem cells were injected into the bundle of spinal nerve roots known as the cauda equina below the first lumbar vertebra.  Like the rest, this procedure went smoothly with only a hint of pain in comparison to the previous one.  I’ve learned to love my pain, embracing it with golden or white healing light from a divine life force.  My mind’s eye sees myself healing with an inexplicable vibrational energy that I imagine is transcended through the embryonic stem cells, mother earth, and the heavens above.

Since beginning this fourth hESC treatment, I have shown noticeably stronger leg movements and I am able to void my bladder and use my bowels with less effort and pressure.  My endurance when walking in leg braces has increased—I even took a little stroll outside the hospital on a busy street.  I was honked at many times.  While I knew the honking was a signal for me to get out of the way, I imagined each car, taxi, tuk-tuk, truck or motorcycle blowing their horn in celebration, cheering me on saying, “You go girl.  Awesome.  You can do it!” 

I am aware that this treatment is slow and takes time to work in my body.  I will reap the benefits perhaps a month or two from now when these little babies are gestating and coming alive.  I am patient.  I am on a phenomenal journey…and I am grateful beyond words.  I keep my attitude, my faith, and my belief.  My indomitable spirit will never cease to push forward with grace and determination.  I can do it.  I AM doing it.  I am living my dream.

With love and gratitude…Namaste,

Amanda and Mum (Jill) xoxo

P.S.  Tucker…in eight days your Mummy will be home!  Yippee!

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