Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Video – Amanda Walks in the Streets of Delhi

New You Tube Video Link:
Watch me as I brave the streets of Delhi amidst horn honking, a bicycle, and a car that insists on backing up almost nudging me as I scramble to walk quickly to get out of his way.  Chavi said, “Walk Amanda, Walk!”  It was a moment of bravery and hilarity combined.
Love, Amanda


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  Jim Masters wrote @

Hi Amanda,
Your story is nothing short of absolutely mind blowing. Your strength, honesty and positive attitude are inspiractional.
The front page of your site says you have “increased muscle power in your legs”, and also “my toes are moving”.
I think i can understand the increased power in your legs, but gaining movement in your toes again…wow!
Do you still have full movement in your toes?
Are you gaining more movement in your legs?
I am so excitied I found your site, just reading your front page is enough to make me also go to India, just like you have done. I was always cautious of such a trip, but, again, what i read on your site is enough for me to really look seriously at this. It will be a big thing for me as I will definately need to sell most every thing i own to make a trip there, but from what you have said, it will be worth it.
Can’t wait to hear back form you Jim

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