Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Nov. 27th – My Journey Home–Giving Thanks

My Journey Home – Giving Thanks!


Aboard Continental Flight 83 from Delhi to Newark direct, I sit and contemplate the past 24 hours, the past week, and the past month.  With my hands in prayer position, I quietly bow Namaste with gratitude in my heart for my Indian friends who I’ve grown to adore and for the opportunity to receive the gift of life with my human embryonic stem cells.  I give thanks for the interminable support from my community of friends and loved ones who have cheered for me and believed in me since beginning this passage toward grace and transformation.  Your voicemail messages, texts, and emails brighten my days and give me the strength to push forth with hope and courage.  When I touch down on American soil it will be Thanksgiving Day…and Paula Zurcher’s Birthday.  Happy Birthday dear, sweet, graceful Lady.  Thank you especially to Gabrielle, my best friend forever who has looked after Tucker.  I love you.

A little over 13 hours ago I kissed Mum a weepy good-bye at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.  Time to Destination:  2 Hrs 13 Mins; Distance Traveled:  6663 Miles (out of a total 7761 Miles); Outside Temperature:  a chilly -90°F.  I am in seat 1B thanks to Karen Wing’s generous donation of 210,000 Continental air miles.  I feel spoiled as I sit in the lap of luxury.  My feet are not swollen and are elevated.  I have room to move!  Everything is so easy traveling Business/First.  I have become adept at assembling my wheelchair, rolling down the aisle, and using the lavatory like a “normal” person.  My chair’s frame is tiny enough to maneuver through the aircraft’s passageways.  I make my in-flight-rolling fast and efficient because I get the sensation of slight sea-sickness while rolling on a plane that is moving.  Imagine being in an office chair while the ground drops beneath you ever-so-slightly…over and over again.  I have slept little.  Knots of anxiety creep into my tummy.  Anxiety over what I have just left behind in India, and for what might happen next upon my arrival home.  I breathe deeply reciting the OM mantra in my mind twenty-one times.  My yoga healer Rawat would be proud of me.  I feel cool, and more at ease. 

Mum’s flight took off at the same time as mine.  Only difference was that she boarded a Singapore Airlines aircraft bound for Brisbane, Australia, and I embarked on a Continental flight headed for the US.  With tears flowing steadily we hugged, told each other how much we loved one another, wished each other safe journeys…and then we parted.  Ugh.  It’s always the toughest moment when I look into Mum’s watery eyes, turn my wheelchair, and roll in the opposite direction.  I want that moment to last forever.  My heart aches deeply.  I push on, understanding that I have chosen to live thousands of miles apart from the one person I love the most in this world—my mother.  I summons the courage, blow my nose and wipe my tears.  I roll forth realizing that the blessed times Mum and I share together are intimate with every moment filled in each other’s company.  I feel grateful to have such quality chunks of time with Mum.  We create memories through our laughter and tears.  We are kindred souls and I am her second brain.  I love her and miss her already.

Mum’s imbalance issue improved slightly after just ten days or so of hESC treatment.  She is able to stand on one leg for a slightly longer period with her eyes closed, and she can walk in a straighter line with eyes closed without falling over.  Retraining the brain and practice will help.  Mum will return in the month of March next year with me for ongoing treatment.  We are grateful to Dr. Shroff for having the foresight and for being willing to see if this treatment will help cure her vestibular complaint.

My wheels touch down on American Soil…

…as India braces itself in the wake of massive terrorist attacks in Mumbai with a reported 143 killed and hundreds injured.  Oh My God!  I rolled my wheelchair toward Gate 83 at Newark Airport to witness a big screen television reporting CNN’s horrific headlines.  This all happened as I was flying over continents and oceans.  I reflect on yesterday’s column from the Times of India titled the Miraculous Power of Grace Light. 

Awakening compassion, love and divine intelligence on a collective scale is the only way to find permanent solutions to our problems.  This is the phenomenon of Grace Light.  It is the self-effulgent light of the Divine within us—compassionate and intelligent.  It is an inner light more brilliant and powerful than lightening and can strike you at any time.  It is the power of God.” – Dattatreya Siva Baba 

Let us find the Grace Light within each of us so we can ignite the heart of humanity and create a global shift into love.  May the white-golden light in me fan the flames in you across land and sea, filling your heart with love, mercy, and grace for all mankind.

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