Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Thank you–Art Show Success & the Show Goes On…

Thank you to our bighearted community for your support and encouragement at the Opening Reception of Awakening:  A Portrait of Hope.  The show was an all-round success:  from raising money and creating awareness for my ongoing stem cell journey; to bringing interest and recognition to the masterful artwork of Dale Lee Roberts.

“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.”–Michelangelo


How clever is He? 




To the left is the actual photograph of my body…and to the right is the contè crayon drawing created.

 “The best artist has that thought alone

Which is contained within the marble shell;

The sculptor’s hand can only break the spell

To free the figures slumbering in the stone.”–Michelangelo


Thank you to David and Kim Floria, who expressed that they have never seen so many people inside their gallery at one time.  Kim commented: “This exhibition brought heart and soul back into our gallery”.  Kim and David, you gave us a place to exhibit our creativity in a reputable gallery in Aspen, Colorado.  Wow.  Thank you.

Thank you to our Sponsors:

David Floria Gallery, Inc.—David & Kim Floria; Peter Waanders

Sue and Ken Krehbeil—Signature Picture Framing

El Jebeverage

Jimbo’s Wine & Liquors

Curt Carpenter—Graphic Design

Carolyn Fisher—Blue Creek Grill

Brad Roberts—Website and Brotherly Support


Aspen Daily News

Aspen Times—Stewart Oksenhorn

Michael Conniff—KNFO Radio, Aspen

Jeannie Walla—Showcase Aspen, TV Aspen, Channel 19,

Plum TV, Channel 16, Aspen—Angela Konop and Torre

Documentary Film:

Ikandi Media—John & Tom Eldridge

Annalisa Mather

Loving Friends and Volunteers:

Gabrielle Emerson

Denise Landau

CP & Stephen Kanipe

Sue Krehbiel—for writing, playing and singing Amanda’s Song

Generous friends who showed up, or sent emails and voicemails wishing us success.

The Show Goes On…

Awakening:  A Portrait of Hope

will exhibit through the New Year at

The Aspen Club & Spa


Original works for sale, along with professionally lined and framed Giclee prints.


Thank you Michael Fox for enabling Dale to exhibit his fine artwork inspired by my journey of awakening at the Aspen Club and Spa.  We are so very grateful for your continued loving support.

For those of you who didn’t get the opportunity to see the exhibition in the David Floria Gallery, visit The Aspen Club and Spa…especially my “wheelchair” friends.

My goal is to raise another $78,900 to cover three more stem cell treatments with expenses in India for 2009.  Please download the attachment to view my list of my legitimate expenses.

To purchase original artwork, call Amanda Boxtel at  970-379-9260  or email Amanda at

With gratitude for igniting my spirit with encouragement, belief, and love,

Amanda xoxo



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