Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Rainbow Sunshine – Intuitive vs. Objective Science


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First Embryonic Stem-Cell Trial Gets Approval From the FDA


It is a blessed moment in time given that Obama is a supporter of hESC research and the FDA approved the first human embryonic stem cell trials in the USA.  I feel like a new light has been shed over our country this past week – a seed of hope and love.  We are one nation that has the propensity to navigate others through change in our spiritually hungry world.  Together we can be the collective manifestation of hope and peace.  I feel optimistic.  There is light.  We have so much to look forward to.


If you haven’t done so, I encourage you to visit these online links:


The US federal government is allowing the first human clinical trials of therapy derived from embryonic stem cells.  The day has come in our nation…and I celebrate whole-heartedly.  I celebrate for the betterment of humanity to help others and restore hope.  Yet, what is being hailed as a research milestone in the scientific world is also frustrating for me.  I guess some type of qualification is required—that is, in fairness to scientists who have devoutly adhered to established protocols by following objective rigorous standards with regards to research and development of human embryonic stem cell technology, the statement of being the first holds true.  I ask you, where is your subjective mindset?


I am a spinal cord injured patient who was deemed incurable for fifteen and a half years, and whose body has shown remarkable improvement since receiving human embryonic stem cell therapy.  Granted, I took a leap of faith but it paid off.  Renewed muscle power and sensation in my body is proof enough that the treatment I received is indeed noteworthy.  I fear that what is before us is a monetary and superego power-play of scientists from around the world attempting to be the first across a history-making finish line.  Who is right?  Who has the technology to cure all of humanity—the supposed holy grail of medicine?  Why can’t these scientists from across the globe respect one another’s findings; respect human patient testimonials as evidence; and collaborate by uniting their brilliant minds to perfect what is already established and life-changing?  I challenge them to integrate their intuitive instincts with objectivity.  How can the scientific world turn a blind eye to Dr. Shroff’s treatment that restores sight and is proven in patient testimonials?  How can they disregard a once complete spinal cord injured patient (me) who is able to now move her legs on her own after 15 ½ years of paralysis?  Although Dr. Geeta Shroff has filed for a patent disclosing her technology with the USA and European Patent Office, she didn’t follow standard scientific protocols in fear of theft.  Why is there such trepidation in being open-minded and curious toward her technology, which is clearly producing results with no negative side effects in six years of clinical application on over 600 patients?  On the other hand, God how I wish Dr. Shroff would publish her technology to share her findings with the world. 


In the last analysis, we see only what we are ready to see, what we have been taught to see. We eliminate and ignore everything that is not part of our prejudices.

Jean Martin Charcot, 19th Century French neurologist



Time will tell…while time is seemingly of the essence.


My doctor was the brave monkey who climbed up the ladder to seek her prize.  I was the courageous patient who had the faith and belief in my God-felt intuition to seek out her treatment.  All of a sudden my intuition was up against the objectivity of science and a world of western doctors discouraging me from every angle.  Do I question my choice to this very day?  Yes. I do.  Yet each time I ask my gut inner-knowingness if I did the right thing for me and if I should continue forth with my treatment in India, I get nothing but Yeses back.  Yes, Yes, and Yes.  When I ask myself if I will walk from this treatment?  My gut’s answer is, I don’t know, with a whisper of uncanny insight that Maybe, just maybe I will.  What I do recognize is that I am filled with such gratitude for all the new life, new sensations, and new muscle-power I have restored in my once lifeless legs.  It is a constant dance between acceptance and hope—acceptance and gratitude for the body that is mine right now, and hope for the future of what could be.  That said, I also understand that everything I do today (physical therapy, yoga, meditation, attitude, diet, relationships etc.) will help create the person and body that I will be tomorrow.  With every inhalation and exhalation I am preparing my body for what could be.


What hasn’t been published?  Dr. Shroff’s technology!  In my mind, and the minds of her patients, their friends, and their families, Dr. Shroff is the first in the world to conduct human embryonic stem cell clinical applications on people.  Here’s what I know—a summation of the realizations and statements according to Dr. Geeta Shroff:


To my lay person’s knowledge, Dr. Shroff is the only scientist in the world whose technology involves the use of just ONE EMBRYO.  This alone separates her from the rest.  Over 600 patients deemed incurable or terminally ill have shown improvement from the cells derived from this single embryo.  During her laboratory research and with full consent from the egg and sperm donors, she used a surplus “throwaway” embryo from an IVF donor who underwent a barrage of tests including a complex medical history and genetic history. 


Dr. Geeta Shroff has developed the technology to isolate embryonic stem cells, culture them, prepare them for clinical application and store them in a ready-to-use form with a shelf life of six months.  Once the hESCs are isolated, they can be cultured indefinitely.  Dr. Shroff believes there is no repeated need for embryos.  Theoretically, one cell line can treat the entire human population!


The unique cell culture methodology makes the cells universally acceptable without the need for cross-matching, irrespective of gender, or race.  Dr. Geeta Shroff has developed pure human embryonic stem cell lines that do not show any immune reaction in the body. According to Dr. Shroff, human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) do not exhibit antigenic properties and thus do not require immunosuppressant drugs.  This is why she stresses that any medication given during the treatment period has to be pregnancy friendly. 


According to Dr. Shroff, when injected, hESCs can repair the affected area in addition to restoring the physiological functions of the affected area. hESCs have no capacity to fully form a new organ. Once hESCs are injected into a patient, the division of the hESCs is finite, which means over a period of time uncontrolled division is not going to form tumors. Since beginning human clinical applications six years ago in 2002, with over 600 patients, Dr. Shroff has not found any negative side effects.


In vivo conditions the division of hESCs is definite.  The cells follow the normal division that is initially inherent in an embryo.  In simple terms it can be said that the complete effect of hESCs transplanted into a patient is closely linked with the time frame of the human embryo’s development.  According to Dr. Shroff, although response results are seen immediately after transplantation, the hESCs continue their development process as per their pre-programmed time frame.  This includes nine months of gestation until birth.  After the baby is delivered, the functioning capacity gradually increases as it would in a growing child up until five years of age.  Milestones take place in a newborn growing into an infant and critical functions are required for the child to progress such as environmental factors, physical (motor) factors, and educational factors (learned mental development).


Dr. Laurance Johnston’s article, Objective Science:  An Inherent Oxymoron is incredibly apropos as it relates to the varying degrees of subjectivity in any objective science.  Click on this link to read the article:

P.S.  More blog entries will follow this week.  I have been terribly slack at blogging, yet I have much to report…so keep posted.

Namaste, Amanda A.K.A Rainbow Sunshine

(and Tucker too…)


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