Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

My Daily Routine at Home; Other Changes; Bring on the Curry!

It takes a village to raise a child…and it’s taken a village to help me with my journey of awakening.  I am not an island.  I have incredible love and encouragement from others to help me weather my storms and cheer me along.  I extend my deepest gratitude to my ongoing financial donors who are making my pilgrimages to India possible, while supporting me as I live my daily routine at home.  Every day I endeavor to be a better person living up to my potential, and my dearest friends keep me in check.  I strive to do all that I can to nourish my body, mind, emotions, and spirit so the divine realm of healing can take place.  I trust that everything I am doing today creates the being that I will be tomorrow.

Thank you to “Team Amanda”.  I couldn’t do it without you.  Here’s an insight into my weekly routine:  Physical Therapy with Tami Cassetty – my sweet PT who gives selflessly to me twice a week.  (Tami says I’ve got her for good because we’re friends. J);  Yoga – two private sessions per week with Emily Hightower – A.K.A. Emily’s spa.  Yesterday we sniffed essential oils as we rocked out to Bob Marley.  It’s a total girl’s love fest;  Massage – at least once a week with CP – A.K.A. my Sweet Pea who knows how to rub me the right way;  and Muscle Activation Technique – four sessions total with Joe Kistner – who has helped reduce my pain and rewire my brain.  Every now and again I’ve been treated by my chiropractor Fred Wilson (compliments of my sister-thank you Michele).  Kim Floria has performed some amazing energy healing sessions on my body as well.


The activities I do on my own include:  Electrical stimulation bike; daily yoga practice; and walking in my leg braces regularly.


Tucker is a great motivation to share daily walks outside or we cross-country ski together.  Tucker runs blissfully in the snow, stomping circles around me and barking in delight at the opportunity to run hard and be free.  It’s such a great way to exercise him I often choose x-country over downhill (although I secretly have a need for speed).  Downhill skiing enables me to soar and say a prayer to the wind from the mountain top.



Many of you who follow my blog don’t know that I broke up with Dale in the late fall.  Despite choosing to go separate ways, he honored our agreement to move forward with the art show and I am thankful for his time devoted to such a beautiful project.  While any breakup is hard, I am doing really well courageously putting myself back into the dating scene.  It seems that I have come through whatever I needed to go through these past few months and I am back on top.  I am at peace with knowing that I am where the universe needs me to be, while allowing everything to unfold in due time.  I am trying to find comfort with rolling into the unknown.


I know that the emotional rollercoaster and sense of despair that I have felt in the past few months is something far greater than me, my friends, and our community.  It stretches across our country, over oceans and into foreign nations.  We are connected and our frequency is universal.  We all “feel” and have the ability to be in tune with our planet’s dis-ease entwined with its incredible beauty.  Our real hope is to look for the essential divinity within us, awakening our compassion, love, and innate intelligence on a collective scale.  I choose to see the beauty, uniqueness and divinity in all that I encounter.  I believe in myself.  I listen to my faith or deep inner knowingness.  I feel a spark of inner light more brilliant and powerful than lightning itself.  I trust in this divine Grace Light that ignites and fuels my will to keep pushing forward no matter what.  This is what I can rely on.  I am morphing into my butterfly.


In the next three days I shall inhale our clean, crisp mountain air deeply into my lungs.  I will savor the crunchiness and wholesome flavor of every lettuce leaf, unpeeled raw fruit, and lightly steamed vegetable that I put in my mouth.   I will bliss out in the peace of a dark clear night with twinkly stars.  And I will starfish my body stretched out in my delicious bed with soft cotton sheets and pillow-top mattress.  Tucker is bathed ready to live with the Emerson Family.  Auntie Gabrielle will take him on four mile hikes every morning until he moves back into his own home with Uncle Jay Cherski for a couple of weeks.  I’m having separation anxiety already.  Leaving Tucks is the hardest part of this entire journey.


Soon I will be tearing down a smoggy highway in a taxi with a sketchy driver who doesn’t speak English, from the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi amidst horn honking insanity, where nothing ever stops for a single moment.  There is one silver lining-Dr. Shroff’s human embryonic stem cells.  Oh, perhaps two…I get to be with my beautiful Mum for THREE weeks!  Yeah!


Bring on the curry!


Until Delhi… Namaste,




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