Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Meeting Vivek–a ray of light…and my last supper!

Meeting Vivek—a ray of light…and my last supper!





To culminate our Thursday Mum and I were invited to dinner by a very charming Indian man named Vivek.  He flew in for one night from Bangalore so we seized our opportunity to dine at Punjabi by Nature, an elegant Indian restaurant in the Priya Complex at Vasant Vihar.  Vivek greeted Mum and me with a bouquet of yellow and pink flowers like a true Indian gentleman.  Our table sat across from a trickling wall of water and chefs in tall white hats prepared food from the kitchen above, which we could see upstairs behind glassed walls.  Vivek was introduced to me via email by a new friend named Tom Tuohy who created a non-profit called Dreams for Kids (  The organization has a global outreach and Vivek has chosen to volunteer to coordinate an annual Holiday for Hope in December for poverty stricken children of all abilities to enjoy a Christmas gift giving celebration of sorts.  Vivek’s passion was contagious—a man after my own heart.  I could relate…and will strive to keep in touch and involved in some capacity.  Two and half hours later and with full bellies, Mum and I embraced Vivek and wished him a loving farewell.  We slept hard naively unprepared for the nightmarish four days ahead of us. 




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