Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Not April Fools…This is for real! Internet is Working!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am sending my blog communiqué in two parts because, in true Amanda-Style, it is epic (mostly due to the nature of my tumultuous week and no internet service).

Email is my connection to this world, to my friends at home and beyond, and to my global network of blog-followers.   I cherish every email I receive and while I may not always reply I read each and every note of love, support, and endorsement for the journey I am undertaking.   Gratefully, Nu Tech Mediworld now has a communal computer and printer in the lobby to access internet.  Finally I am able to download YouTube Videos from the faster internet line.  When attempting to reply to emails from my room, they have been lost in oblivion so I apologize to all who haven’t had a response from me.  The hospital signal has also been too weak to Skype.  It’s been a waiting game.  My patience was tested once again with living in a huge metropolis that is surviving on the fringes of technology.  I have contradictory feelings of gratitude that well in me for the blessed life I live in America and all the modern conveniences available to me at a mere finger touch away.  I take so much for granted.  India always makes me present and forces me to live moment by moment, which is what I aspire to do anyway.  This is my teaching.  I surrender.   




The Week that has Trumped All Weeks in India!


It was bound to happen.  I have a flat tire!  Two hours later I’m still sitting on a sheetless bed with my computer poised on my lap tapping away at the keys.  It’s perfect writing time.  In lieu of another hospital dinner, Mum is preparing a Mary-Jane-organic-backpacking-meal-in-a-bag named Chillimac.  Pour hot water in, stir, wait ten minutes and voila.  Sounds like a typical Chinese take away order:  “Ten minute.  Wait ten minute!” no matter what you choose. 


Mum is convinced she’s got “impending” diarrhea—meaning that the queasy tummy, lack of energy and wobbles is symptomatic.  She had a stem cell infusion today, which wiped her out.  The reason being is that live embryonic stem cells try to survive in the body, which in turn depletes energy especially when administered in massive doses.  It could be likened to Mum and I being pregnant.  I am now having an afternoon nap each day.


My tire has arrived repaired and inflated.  Phew.  Raul from reception was stellar.  He is my superman right now!  I can now make my bed with freshly washed sheets fully mobile once again. 


How do I even begin to surmise this past week?  In a nut shell Mum called it a nightmare.  The day before Mum’s arrival an unknown thing (we think it was an insect) bit my pinkie finger.  In a matter of minutes it swelled like a grape throbbing with pain.  I was Nu Tech Mediworld’s rare emergency case, which necessitated four nurses and a doctor all sitting watching my hand (for two hours) to see if anything else was going to puff up.  My instant remedy was wait, see what else happens, swallow an antihistamine pill, and paste on some magic ointment.  Nothing else happened!  By the next morning the swelling decreased but my finger had turned black and blue.  That night my body went into shivery cold sweats.  Why?  I still have no clue?  “India” is a good enough answer.  Just “India”!


After Mum’s arrival, the course of events spiraled downward and upward and then to the pits of hell with a lumbar puncture procedure that took me to death’s door and back—all for very good reasons might I add.  I am keeping the end result in mind…improvement and renewed strength, increased muscle power and perhaps more sensation. 


Mum’s migraine and vomiting episode thankfully lasted one evening.  By morn she was set to take on her care giving role for her baby girl.  Like I’ve said before, thank God for Mum!  I had a successful caudal spinal procedure, lay on my back for four hours, and felt stronger the next three days.  My strength was so good I walked in my new leg braces from the therapy room to the injection room on the basement floor, into the elevator and up to my humble quarters on the second floor—a first!



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