Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Trapped in the Elevator–Standing Up!

Trapped in the Elevator—STANDING!


On the third day of practicing my endurance marathon walking to my second floor room, the elevator doors closed, the lift moved, jolted, and then BLACKED OUT!  We were STUCK IN THE ELEVATOR trapped in between floors with me standing up holding on to a walker, Chavi on one side and Mum across from me with no wheelchair in sight.  OMG! 


“Hello.  Hello!” called Chavi.   Plsidhgl! a rld!glaslj*roeingl#ajl*dfjs!!!” (In Hindi speaking super fast with a slight panic in her voice)… “We’re stuck in the lift!”


Chavi proceeded to make a phone call from her mobile to alert the staff to jump into action.  In her petite 4’11” frame she took charge.  When I’m standing next to her at 5’7” I feel like a giant.  Mum and I broke into laughter at the absurdity of the moment.  I remained cool until Chavi blurted out a horror story from a movie called Final Destination, which neither Mum nor I have seen.  Chavi’s voice raised a few more decibels…or maybe it was the echo in the lift shaft.  She concluded her story.


“And the lady’s hair was caught in the elevator doors as they closed.  She was pulled.  Her head was caught on one side and her body on the other.  And then she was decapitated in between floors!” 


End of story.  After approximately ten minutes the elevator inched downwards towards the basement, the doors opened and we were free.  Chavi’s remark as we exited the lift was, “Seriously Amanda, you should see the movie.  It’s really a good one.”

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