Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Photos, Delhi April 09


Chandni Chowk Traffic, Old Delhi




Two Birds Perched!


Proud Papa Atop a Rickshaw


Face mask necessary at spice markets!


Only in Delhi would a traffic light have the word RELAX printed on the red stop!


Horn honking madness!  This is an all too familiar sign.

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  Miguel wrote @

Good day, My name is Miguel de la Mora Casillas from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. I’m currently working in the edition of seven compendiums about the planning for the BRT Transport System it’s a government publication for academic purposes there for it is not made for lucrative purposes. For the illustration part of the project we would like to use the attached picture, we asked for your authorization in order to publish it. The project’s name is “Compendio de la Planeación de Sistemas BRT, Memoria del Proyecto Macrobús” ( Compendium of the System Planning for the BRT System, Memories of the Macrobús Project). It is being coordinated by “Centro Estatal de Investigación de la Vialidad y el Transporte” (CEIT, State Investigation Center of Roads and Transport of Jalisco), and the edition of this compendium is being done by the PhD Raúl Díaz Padilla. The publication of this work will be divided in seven volumes and it is expected to be published in December, although this date is just an estimate. Thanks for your work and collaboration, any doubts please let me know. Regards,

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