Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Calling All Angels

Calling All Angels

The mind is a beautiful thing.  I conjure up a vision of where I’d most like to be at this very moment.  Waves are crashing on rocks as I gaze at a deep blue ocean and sandy shoreline that stretches forever.  A gentle sea breeze blows filmy curtains through large French doors into my bedroom and I am lounging in soft white linens on a king sized bed.  Tucker is sprawled out by my feet.  (If my mind wanders a bit further…a gorgeous hunk with a bare chest nuzzles up next to me…I am a woman after all J).

This is my visualization as I lie in my hospital room for the sixth day in a row.  I am ill and I need your prayers.  I have cancelled my return flight home once and I am rescheduled to leave tomorrow evening (Monday night).  I pray I won’t have to cancel again.  It’s been a terribly long visit and I’m afraid that the stem cell procedures have taken a toll on my body.  My health is crying “Enough!”  I am too sensitive.  We can only force our bodies so much.  Now is the time to allow nature to take its course, and heal in its own time with divine light.  The last spinal procedure was meant to be a simple epidural one-day-in-and-out-process, yet I am responding as if I’ve had another lumbar puncture.  I have a constant headache when sitting, dizziness and nausea.  I haven’t left my hospital bed for six days and counting.  By noon tomorrow I will make the decision if I can tolerate flying or not.  Please, I ask All (God, my Angels, my Loved Ones)…let me get on that plane tomorrow night and have a safe journey home to my condo on the river, my sweet Tucker, and my friends.

I have all that I need right now—my mind, love in my heart, my unwavering faith, acceptance for what is, and hope for what could be.  As I lie in my bed I consciously awaken my five senses.  Dr. Shroff gave me a bunch of sweet red roses—a visual beauty from nature I feast my eyes on.  The air conditioner hums a steady and reassuring drone as it blows cool air on my skin from above.  The taste of freshly brewed coffee wakens my taste buds and the caffeine jolts my brain to clarity.  A fresh lime soda will soothe my palette afterwards.  I smell my vanilla scented candle which for me resembles life’s four elements:  the wick grounding me to Mother Earth; the paraffin wax feeding me liquid life as the blood in my veins; and air that fuels the fiery flame of my resilience, will and desire to heal.  

These past five weeks have proven once again that I have the power within me to endure anything.  I have so many positive things to share in future blog entries, but I only have the stamina to write a few brief paragraphs now.  My treatment has mysteriously taken turns worse than I imagined this trip.  Dr. Shroff , Dr. Ashish, Dr. Sudeep, and Chavi have been outstanding in their level of care…and the nurses are pure, compassionate and angelic.  This is but a small droplet in the vast ocean of my life.  I am human yet I do not doubt my journey.  I will reap the benefits of this treatment in the next six months with renewed strength.  In just a few weeks I have witnessed amazing improvements in patients deemed incurable including those stricken with Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, ALS, Brain Disease, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Spinal Cord Injuries resulting in traumatic quadriplegia and paraplegia.  Everyone in this hospital is living a quiet miracle and every patient shows some sort of improvement.  I keep my faith alive, even through sickness.  I never allow doubt or fear to paralyze me. 

Visit my blog for a few photographs of Old Delhi and Mum and Me Dancing:

Thank you for your healing prayers and light.  Together we shall visualize a wonderfully smooth and “well” journey home through blue cloudless skies from Delhi-Frankfurt-Chicago-Denver-Aspen.  My flight is due to take off at 1:10 am on Tuesday morning April 21st Delhi time (1:40 p.m. on Monday, April 20th Mountain Time in the USA).   I will arrive home into Aspen on Tuesday at 10:01 p.m. in the evening.  It will be an arduous trip.

With love, healing light and gratitude as always…



P.S.  Thank you for your emails even though I may not have responded.  I cherish every note and love connection from cyber space.  Your emails have kept me going.

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