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Friendship at its Best–April 24, 2009

Friendship at its Best!

How far would you go to help a friend out in need?

In just six hours, Zander lands in Delhi.  Yes, my beautiful friend is flying literally half way around the world to meet me in Delhi for just 48 hours before turning around and flying with me HOME on Sunday night back to Colorado.  This is friendship at its best and is purely unconditional.


Zander and Me last Fall

Zander Wrote…

“Get Ready…here I come!

Put on your party shoes!   I went a little wild (with the encouragement of Gabrielle and some others!) and I’m coming to get you! … If you are feeling good over the weekend, you and I can have some fun in Delhi.  If not, I will be happy to serve as your topless male nurse!  All I need from you is a smile and directions on how to best get from IGI airport to your fine hospital suite.  Lots of love and see you Friday night!  Z”

OMG.  He’s really doing it.  Zander is coming to Delhi…TONIGHT.  His cozy sofa-bed is made up on the floor in Room 208 and I am still sprawled out on my bed.  I haven’t left the hospital for 10 days and I’m still weak.  I am saving my energy for a shower and then a taxi ride to pick up Z in just a few hours.  He will be sightseeing in the sweltering 40° C heat with 22 million new Indian friends with sweaty arm pits tomorrow.  One is never alone in Delhi.

At 1:10 am Monday morning Delhi time we will lift off and I will be on my way home.  We’ll land into Aspen at 8 p.m. Monday evening Colorado time to be greeted by a blonde furry bundle of love.  Tucks is with Carolyn Fisher this weekend (thanks Car..and CP too)…he is a little foster fur child at the moment but I know he is loved by all and is in great hands.  Z will be by my side the whole way.  God I love him…I’m starting to get so excited.  I will believe it when I see him strolling down the aisle through customs with a carryon, a huge smile and lookin’ as handsome as ever.  I can hardly wait…

I will have been gone 42 days (six weeks in total).  Any tough situation has a silver lining and a sweet outcome.  I am blessed once again.

I’m putting my party shoes on, even if the party is in my room for 48 hours.

Until my next installment…




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