Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Touchdown–April 30, 2009

Touchdown on Butterfly Wings



This butterfly is back!  I’m home at last with Tucker by my side and we are content.  I have been indulged with caring love from my sweet friends, and a fridge of yummy nutritious goodies to welcome me home (Thank you Carolyn and Tami).  The angels have answered and I am on the mend.  CP greeted me at the airport with Tucker on Monday night and drove me home, and Emily has planned for a small collection of friends to deliver meals for a few days.  My gorgeous Gabrielle drops in unannounced to take Tucker for a walk, and see me in my morning glory with messy hair and coffee breath…and I don’t care.  That’s what best friends are for.  I am truly blessed.  My nurturing home has reignited the cooling embers of my energy.  With massive doses of sleep and rest Amanda is reawakening. 


A delicious salad prepared by chef extraordinaire Carolyn Fisher

The mountains are so incredibly beautiful with a nip of spring in the air.  This morning’s temperature is a crisp 34°F (1°C), the blue sky is unpolluted, fresh limey-green leaves are budding, tulips and daffodils are popping their heads up from the soil in a palette of yellow-red-orange-pink-and-purple, and the river is swollen with the spring run-off.  I feel like I live in the lap of luxury in my gorgeous condo…and the simple pleasure of driving on uncongested roads in my own smooth-rolling jeep with power-everything and full suspension makes me feel like a princess for sure.  For the past six weeks I’ve been flagging down auto-rickshaws or tuk-tuks that jolted my body with every bump.  I realize I have so much more than I need.  Delhi always puts life back into perspective.


My haven on the river

Zander accomplished a feat that most wouldn’t be able to bear.  In five days he flew approximately 15,500 miles (mostly in cattle class) from Aspen to Delhi to sweep me up and escort me home.  I’ll never forget seeing him stroll through customs last Friday night.  Surreal is an understatement.  It was the first time I had left the hospital walls in 12 days.  Tears filled my eyes in disbelief that my dear friend was actually in Delhi.  With a throbbing headache and lingering nausea, I embraced him and didn’t want to let go.  Z had arrived.  He is now qualified to write a Lonely Planet entry on what to do in Delhi in 48 hours.  From the moment Z landed he was on the fly sightseeing, dining, taking care of me, and stretching his six foot frame through two private yoga sessions with the infamous guru Rawatt.  As my topless male nurse he never showed an ounce of jetlag, we laughed, and he lifted my spirits.  Thank you Zander – I’d do anything for you.


While my stamina improves I shall write about my last few weeks in Delhi and my plans for future treatments.  In-a-nutshell I learned that I am Dr. Shroff’s only foreign patient who has undergone five intensive stem cell treatments in the span of twenty-one months.  My body is saturated with new life and it is now time to take a break and rest.  I never knew that I could sleep so much—it’s truly like being pregnant.  I need to allow my embryonic babies to assimilate and gestate so that transformation can take place in my limbs.  Dr. Shroff and Dr. Ashish recommended that I take a year off from treatment.  I will continue to work out in my home diligently with yoga, physical therapy, meditation, and outdoor recreation.  I can already feel that my left leg is ever-so-slightly stronger but I have a long way to go.  My spinal headache is dissipating and I am nurturing my body back to life one day at a time.

Mum, you no longer need to worry ‘cause your baby’s home safe and sound.  I am already missing my Indian family of doctors and nurses who have seen me at my very worst and nursed me through thick and thin.  Finally, to all my email friends, thank you for your love and for your cherished notes of well wishes.  When my light was fading you helped rekindle the spark within me.  Thank you.

With deep gratitude, grace and love,

Amanda (A.K.A. Butterfly)


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  Gerda wrote @

Hi Amanda,

Discovered your website thanks to the new article on Dr Geeta on Sky News.

Would like to know your progress at this stage. Is there more occurance of feelings in your legs since you had your last op?

I have a friend who has MS and would not like to give here false hope but whilst their is the smallest of small chances I think it’s worth of trying to see if the Dr can help her.

My best wishes to your progressing positive health.


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