Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

May 14, 2009–Update

Blue Morpho Butterfly

I have been home two weeks and I am back to my strong healthy self.  Tami, my physical therapist has noticed that I am definitely stronger in my left leg (abductor and quadriceps) and my balance has astoundingly improved.  I am now able to balance on a therapy “roller” remaining almost perfectly still.  I can also slightly lift my pelvis in a “bridge” position arching my butt off the floor with my knees bent.  This has been the most difficult exercise in the past, and while it’s still a challenge, it’s definitely improved.

Seeing Tami again, and allowing my body to regain its strength with time has affirmed that this last stem cell treatment is paying off.  I am more energized and I hope to show more improvements in the coming months, even if they’re incremental.  I am treating my body with fun activities outside in fresh mountain air, and I am nourishing my cells with organic healthy food and clean water.  I am quieting my mind and revitalizing my soul through meditation, massage and yoga.  I am allowing myself the best chance to transform those baby stem cells to restore function to my limbs this summer.  When the leaves turn golden in September and October I will make a decision when my next visit to India will be.  Until then, I am loving life. 

While I was an inpatient at Nu Tech Mediworld this past month, I was privileged to be a part of a meeting conducted by Dr. Shroff and her partnering physician, Dr. Ashish Verma.  Together they answered many random questions in a gymnasium full of curious patients and family members.  I get an instant uplift from attending these meetings.  It’s like a triple dosage of stem cells—a shot of “life”.  The room was filled with optimism, hope, faith, love and encouragement—with one patient applauding another’s progress, celebrating from one-to-the-next-to-the-next!  Literally all patients in the room suffering from any number of incurable illnesses have shown improvement.  It’s remarkable.  This meeting affirmed my reason for being in India again and why I have made a conscious decision to resign my body to being a pincushion and to painful stem cell procedures.  Nu Tech Mediworld is a hospital of hope.  Even the little cerebral palsy boy was showing improvement in his ability to walk and talk.  A lady stricken with Parkinsonism has been able to still her shaking limbs after just one month of treatment.  Yes, it is astounding.  There is no place in this world that I know of where people with incurable and debilitating ailments and diseases regain their quality of life and a renewed zest for living their lives to the fullest.  Nu Tech Mediworld gives people reason to not give up.  (Refer to next blog entry for Stem Cell Facts)


  Euclides – Brasil wrote @

Mine Amanda dear, I have much faith that god is illuminating this doctors’ group and have the full certainty that you will continue improving each day more, and soon it will be walking again. I am very anxious the doctor return wait Dr. Geeta Shroff, to be able to take part in the treatment, because it was very discouraged and now revived.

My sincere thanks, because you are a god instrument

  abbas wrote @

hi dear amanda
i hope u are doing well
i am abbas i before visit u in nu-tuch mediword hospital
i come from iran
i donot know u can remmeber me or not
i could not to get any treatment everything same before
let me know about yourself about your treatment
abbas amiri

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