Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Random Stem Cell Facts from Nu Tech Mediworld

Random Facts on human embryonic stem cell treatment according to Dr. Geeta Shroff:

Please note that any information posted below is written from the writer’s viewpoint as a result of a patient/doctor meeting comprised of over 30 patients with their family members.  Dr. Shroff and Dr. Ashish were answering questions delivered by patients suffering from various incurable ailments such as Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinsonism, Diabetes, Visual Impairment, CP, Down Syndrome, Lyme Disease, MS, ALS/MND, Brain Disease, and developmental disabilities. Please forgive any inaccuracies as I am basically quoting the doctors present.

  • To date, Dr. Shroff’s patients have had no negative side effects in nine years of treatment (since the year 2000)
  • Dr. Shroff’s hESCs dissolves scar tissue:


A recent MRI of a spinal cord injured patient proves reduction in scar tissue!

I saw the two comparative MRIs with my own eyes.  Granted, I am a lay person and the reports were interpreted for me.  Yet, both images very clearly indicated that Dr. Shroff’s human embryonic stem cells do reduce scar tissue over time.

Patient:  “S.M.” (name not given to protect the patient)

Age:  26 years

Date of first MRI immediately post injury:  April 8, 2004

Spinal Cord Injury:  T2-T11

Date of recent MRI report:  May 23, 2008 by Dr. “P.G.”, M.D., Delhi, India

The doctor’s findings in his report have been copied word-for-word…


“As compared to MRI scan of April 2004 there is a reduction in the extradural compression at D7 level with cord changes which were previously extending from D4 to D8 level are now seen as focal myelomalacia localized to D6-7 level in the current study.  The bilateral paravertebral and pleural collection have almost resolved in the current study.”


According to Dr. Shroff’s explanation of this report, the fluid collection has reduced at the injury level, which extended initially from T4-T8 reduced down to the T6-T7 level.


  • Nu Tech Mediworld has 31 parameters for testing spinal cord injured patients as opposed to the basic ASIA (American Spinal Injury Association) testing parameters.
  • Nu Tech Mediworld is conducting two separate studies and compiling data on spinal cord injured patients, and those suffering from Lyme Disease. 

SCI Data:  Out of 150 x SCI patients suffering from a complete SCI, over a period of 1,000 days of human embryonic stem cell treatment, all patients showed 66% improvement.

  • Lyme Disease:  hESCs increase the immunity of cells in a patient.  No two Lyme patients are alike as far as getting off antibiotics.  A patient is treated individually according to their own diagnosis, ailments, and progress.
  • hESCs are “transplanted” into the patient and can be referred to as an extension of an organ transplant.  There are no chromosomal changes and there are no DNA changes to the patient undergoing the transplanted hESC treatment.
  • No blood matching is required for patients undergoing hESC treatment.
  • hESCs are basically “repair” cells.  Wherever there is an infection in the body a chemical messenger is secreted signaling infection.  When injected into the blood stream, Dr. Shroff’s pre-differentiated hESCs have the capability to home into those cells in the body that need repair.
  • With very progressive diseases such as ALS/MND, Parkinsonism, MS, MD etc., the goal is to stabilize the disease.  In order to keep the progressive disease stable, administering hESCs will be required for the rest of the patient’s life.
  • Traumatic brain injured patients will typically undergo an intrathecal procedure:  That is, an injection of hESCs into the spinal canal (intrathecal space surrounding the spinal cord).
  • hESCs and Age

–          Generally speaking, the older the patient, the more hESCs are needed and the more visits required;

–          hESCs are more effective on static diseases (as opposed to progressive);

–          Females respond faster to hESC treatment (due to their hormones)

–          Children already have intrinsic stem cells, which are still growing in their bodies.  This is why babies up to the age of five (and even through to thirteen years of age) respond faster to hESC treatment.

  • Most patients at Nu Tech Mediworld receive one of two pre-differentiated stem lines:

–          Haemopoietic stem line (promoting the formation of blood cells)

–          Neuronal stem line (neuron:  specialized cells of the nervous system)

–          Note, other stem lines created by Dr. Shroff exist but are not mentioned here.


I trust these additional random facts have helped address some of the many questions Dr. Shroff’s patients inquire about from around the globe.  

With sunshine ahead on butterfly wings of hope I thank you for your continued love and support.

Amanda (and Tucker too) xoxo

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