Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Just a wee hiccup…

Twas Sunday morn when I least expected
I hit some ice and was soon ejected.
Out of my wheelchair I went flying
Onto the ground I ended up crying.
I tried to be brave but landed knee first
A thump and a twist I let out a curse.
I swear it’s true I wasn’t in a hurry…
But it’s all I could do to say, “No wuckin’ furries!”
Doc Pevny examined my knee today
And said, “Your ACL injury’s here to stay!”
He then curled his lip, “You’re an unusual case,
Let me consult with my partners but slow down your pace.”
“Surgery’s an option but let’s wait and see.
I’ll speak with you Monday regarding your knee.”
On a positive note, I can wheel, I can ski!
And I’ll keep smilin’ through it…afterall, I CAN PEE!
What’s not to love about that you ask me?
It’s just a wee hiccup despite my knee.

May 2010 be the best ever
Filled with sparkle and glitter and never say Never!

Love, Amanda and Tucker too xxoo

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