Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

“So what’s the update?” you ask me.

“So what’s the update?” you ask me.  “Did you and Doc Pevny talk surgery?”

Oh yes we did as a matter of fact.  If I intend to walk I must keep on track.

With no ACL my knee’s too unstable, although every part of me thinks that I’m able

To handle any hurdle in sight.  A wee hiccup won’t make me give up my fight.

This is just a small setback for me, you see.  It’s my set up for a comeback with a much better knee!

My surgery is posted for Jan. twenty-first.  Same day in and out, it could be much worse.

My friend’s flyin’ in from as far as Atlanta.  A gift I must say, a tad late from Santa.

She’ll walk Tucker and take care of me.  And in over a week I’ll be back on my ski.

So please don’t fret and definitely don’t stew.  I’ll be happy to have a body part that is new.

I hold out that one day my legs will support me.  I’ll be back in full swing thanks to Doc Pevny.


  Kim from Australia wrote @

Hope the recovery is going well Amanda


  Tom wrote @

So awesome…You are an inspiration to say the least Amanda!

  kelley kalafatich wrote @

Keep on going Amanda!! Your knee ligament will heal strong….remember me telling you I had fallen out of my wheelchair on a steep slope, not able to bend to the ground and push myself back into the chair, but I crashed to the ground on both knees, in tandem, breaking both distal femurs. I sat in my chair for 9 months while my I prayed my bones would heal. I’m now working with Project Walk. My next step will be stem cell thanks to you and all your courageous crusading. When do you return from India? You are healthy and strong, keep on healing. Blessing and Love, kelley P.S. will the Glide-cycle help to me w/ rehab? (maybe with training wheels on it?)

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