Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Part III of the story regarding my knee

I’ve been horribly remiss and a bit overdue

Regarding my knee–I came down with the flu.

It’s now been two weeks since my surgery

I’m not one to whine in recovery.

I breezed through the procedure without anesthesia

Not even a sedative, I said “I don’t need ya!”

Wide awake I lay still, not a flinch or a cry

And within minutes I kissed my ligament goodbye.

Doc Pevny very quickly burrowed into my knee,

I could see the whole thing right there on TV.

With precision he replaced my ACL with a hamstring

That of a young man, thank God for his giving

Me a new knee as I’m happy as can be

For his gift is now the youngest part of me!

I’m proud to report that I’m now part man

But I won’t leave the lid up, ‘cause I’m a woman.

I’m back in the swing and skiing some too

Who woulda thunk, despite the flu?

It’s just a wee hiccup in the grand scheme of life

I’m now a new woman having gone under the knife.

Thanks for your concerns and loving notes expressed

I’m healing quite well and living up to my best!

P.S. Enough of these rhymes…it’s becoming too much

But I had to make light of my circumstance and such.

I’ll get back to blogging in my normal ways

It’s been fun making poems but my mind’s now a haze!

With love, Amanda (and Tucker too) xoxo



  Dave Penney wrote @

Glad to hear things are healing and back on track. Did you feel any of the knee surgery or have any pain with rehab? I am so impressed with your journey…thanks for sharing this on the Web. DP

  Gloria Kaswen wrote @

Hi, Amanda! I have been looking for current videos of your progress. Unable to find them, my husband doesn’t believe that this embryonic stem cell procedure is worth pursuit. Do you have any recent videos or photos of how you are doing or how others have progressed?
I have been quadriplegic due to secondary progressive MS for nearly 10 years.
I also have never given up hope for some kind of “miracle” for the 30+ years that I have been living with this disease.

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