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Colorado Nirvana–Home away from home

Colorado Nirvana—Home away from home

A roaring river, white capped waves, sunlit speckles atop a liquid serpent.  This is my river—the river that has become a metaphor for my soul.  Thirteen cottonwoods with leafy green boughs curtain my view like green organza laced between chocolate velvet trunks.  Mature aspens flutter in the breeze to my right.  I am in a picture-perfect spot.  Tucker is peacefully relaxed on the floor beside my wheels.  We are home.

I’ve been lax in not blogging this past month to bring you updates on my journey to the far east… and far is an understatement.  I have planted my wheels back on Basalt turf after a 35 hour journey across land and sea.  My circadian clock is unhurriedly sinking into Colorado’s rhythm.

I’ve returned feeling fit and in shape yet I’m missing Shivani, my PT who cracked the whip twice a day six days a week in Delhi.  Shivani helped me begin a new exercise balancing on one leg brace in the parallel bars, and practicing tightening my quadricep muscle on my other leg.  It’s tough but with enough repetition, that muscle will strengthen for sure.  I tell myself that I must be disciplined at home to maintain all that I’ve worked so hard to achieve this past month.  My body performs so much better with regular exercise, nutrition, my leafy greens and clean air.  To keep me honest, my friend (Joe Bovino from P90X) signed me up to be a part of his USANA ( team for optimal health and well being.  USANA claims to have the highest rated supplements in the world.  I can’t wait to begin using their innovative products.


Hot Water Bliss

It was a Guten Morgen in Frankfurt—my European stopover where I drenched myself in my first hot shower in a month!  I have a small confession to make.  Rather than boarding up at Nu Tech Mediworld hospital, I opted to stay in a small hotel during this past visit as my treatment was less aggressive.  While the bed was great, the elevator broke at least four times a day, and my shower ran cold.  Such simple pleasures became even more pronounced having endured three little bouts of Delhi Belly in the past 28 days.  A droplet of bad bacteria in Delhi is all it takes for a sensitive gal like me to make my stomach rumble and my bowels run for days.  While I was super cautious this trip, somehow the Delhi bug wound up in my intestines. 

Have you ever puked in a Delhi taxi?  I’m proud to say, “Yes, I have!” When I arrived back at the hospital nauseous and a pale shade of green, I apologetically begged Namaste to my taxi driver, “Sorry I threw up in your taxi Sir.”  With a head wobble and an unsure smile, he rattled something off in Hindi and turned the car around.  Most drivers sleep in their vehicles so I hope the stench of fresh vomit wasn’t too stomach turning.  I’m sure I’m not the first to throw up in a Delhi taxi.

Add 49 °C temps (up to 120 °F) and humidity into the equation and anything will grow in such optimal conditions and reek to high heaven.  In a split second after showering I’d find myself dripping again with sweat.  As I boarded the plane bound for Frankfurt I felt like my body was fermenting in a brew of sweat, dust, and grime.  I couldn’t wait to de-Delhify so I made the most of my six-hour layover.  In the airport shower, delicious hot water rained over my body.  Even though it wasn’t a continual stream I was in hot water bliss.  I pressed the faucet button every five seconds for at least 15 minutes straight scrubbing away my Delhi crud.  I opened my jaw allowing the flow to fill my mouth, puffing my cheeks, gargling, swirling, spitting, and even swallowing. 

I miss my Delhi pigeons.  Each time I sat on the loo I’d whistle in conversation to the little chicks nesting in my bathroom exhaust fan.  Sometimes our chitchat chirping and whistling became quite animated.  I whistled good morning each day and they blessed me back.


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Please keep me updated as to your progress.

Henry E. Young, PhD

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