Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Politics, education, and a mindset of possibility…

Dr. Ashish Verma and Dr. Geeta Shroff

Politics, education, and a mindset of possibility…

In India I busied myself with writing, researching, and increasing my knowledge base on hESCs. 

With the latest human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research funding in the US, I read that the total number of hESC lines approved for federal funding is 75.  The argument pro adult stem cells is that they are being used to treat 50,000 people each year, yet according to Dr. David Prentice, the former Indiana State University biology professor who is now an advisor at the Family Research Council “the total number of people helped by embryonic stem cells is zero” (Article link:  I beg to differ Dr. Prentice.  Once deemed a complete spinal cord injury, I was the first US citizen to receive hESC treatment from Dr. Shroff in India and I am continuing to defy the odds through regaining muscle power and sensation below my level of injury.  A medical breakthrough in the hESC field is not a vision of the future, it has already been realized in Delhi, India.  Dr. Shroff has close to ten years of scientific data to prove she has pioneered safe and effective hESC treatment.

President Obama reversed the Bush Administration restrictions on hESC science and he continues to remain committed to supporting and conducting ethically responsible, scientifically worthy hESC research.  I am collaborating with Patricia Martinet, a brilliant, young lawyer from Australia who now resides in Delhi so that her mother is able to receive Dr. Shroff’s hESCs.  Patricia and I have recently commenced a letter writing campaign in the hope that President Obama will accept an invitation from Dr. Geeta Shroff to visit Nu Tech Mediworld, when he visits New Delhi later this year.  On 15th June 2010, we achieved a wonderful feat when the US Embassy in New Delhi accepted our invitation to come to Nu Tech Mediworld to meet Dr. Geeta Shroff and the U.S.A patients currently receiving treatment.  To our delight and surprise, the U.S.A. Embassy sent three representatives to Nu Tech Mediworld for a lengthy and thorough visit.

Dr. Shroff’s vision is:“To see hESC therapy available globally as the first line of treatment for many of mankind’s worst afflictions.”  She is committed to partnering and collaborating with companies and institutions in the U.S.A., and to work together with regulatory authorities like the FDA to be able to realize her dream.  It is worth noting that Dr. Shroff’s embryonic stem cells were harvested from just ONE embryo with full consent from the egg donor and sperm donor.  This one embryo continues to live through bringing life to 786 patients from 35 countries in over 8 years of clinical application with zero negative side effects.

The time has come to act upon our dreams for the betterment of humanity.  hESCs are universal and will help restore quality of life for many.  These cells engender faith, goals and most of all hope.  Hope for the future of the entire world.  While hESCs are a universal solution to health and quality of life, the greater challenge is how to bring the technology to the people as an accessible and affordable first line of treatment.  Dollar bills won’t fall from the sky—money is not enough.  Faith, goals, and hope lie in the hands of our decision makers to first support a safe and effective hESC treatment plan.  Dr. Shroff has that in place.  Here lies an opportunity to make dreams visible.  It’s time to seize this moment to bring renewed life to those suffering from incurable or terminal illnesses.  No dream is too big. 

And so it is…

Namaste.  Thank you to my supporters for making this last month in Delhi possible.  I have received the gift of life for which I am eternally grateful.

With love, light, and blessings,




  Ayya wrote @

I have been following your web site regularly. I am impressed with your reports and photos. I wish you all the best. what happened to the documentary that was mentioned in one of your earlier blogs?

With best regards,

  Henry Young wrote @

I believe Dr. Prentice was referring to no one in the USA treated in the USA with hESCs. Which is not surprising because of the moratorium on human embryonic human stem cell research and treatment.

  aspenamanda wrote @

Yes, you’re most likely correct Dr. Young with regards to Dr. Prentice’s statement. Thank you for your very respected input. I was in fact the first US citizen to receive hESC therapy in Indai–off shore and half way around the globe. My goal is to bring light to the fact that hESC treatment is taking place in this world right now. Too many in the field discount this fact or aren’t willing to accept that the technology is ethical, safe and effective given that Dr. Shroff hasn’t published. She now has 8 years of clinical data with zero negative side effects on a pure human product. Yet, clinical data seemingly doesn’t hold sway in the scientific world.

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