Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Amanda’s Medical History

Amanda C. Boxtel
D.O.B. 12/15/1967

On February 27, 1992 I sustained a T11-12 complete spinal cord injury.

In medical terminology I had a T11-12 fracture with anterior dislocation of T11 on T12 leading to
T12 paraplegia—Frankel Class A. Right T10, left T12 ASIA Impairment Scale A paraplegia with
an asymmetric sensory zone of partial preservation to the left L1 dermatome, secondary to a
T12 fracture sustained in 1992.

Dr. Courtney Brown performed a posteria spinal fusion with Edwards instrumentation and
posteria iliac bone grafting from T10-L1. The date of the surgery was February 28, 1992.

I had a neurogenic bowel and bladder and have since had the Vocare Bladder Implant
(NeuroControl Corporation) implanted with success (August 8, 2000). With the Vocare
Bladder Implant I had a posterior rhizotomy of S2-5 in addition to implantation of the stimulator
in the lower right abdomen and the electrodes on bilateral S3 anterior roots. S3 was chosen
since direct stimulation of it produced the greatest increase in bladder pressure.

Dr. Graham Creasey was the leading neurosurgeon for the Vocare Bladder Implant.  Dr. Creasey believed that stem cell injections would make no difference to the Vocare Bladder
implant. He said that the lower motor neurons are a separate set of cells than the cells going up
and down the spinal cord. If there is any success with the stem cell treatment, motor signals
could still get through to my legs (i.e. increased sensation would be possible in legs).

Due to the sensory rhizotomy of S2-5, the saddle area (lower bowel, bladder, and vaginal area)
would remain numb. If I did gain anything back with the stem cell treatment, the awareness of
the bladder might be affected due to the rhizotomy. He did mention that if improvement was
possible with stem cell treatment, it would be easier to reverse the sensory rhizotomy than the
spinal cord.



  Jyoti Naik wrote @

Hi Amanda

I have been reading about you via your website and find our injury is very similar. (I know no two injury can be the same!!) anyway I have been trying to reach Dr Gita Schroff for days using the no. u have on your site 98 1006 1275 and I am having no joy.. I am thinking of having the same procedure or whatever is suitable and was hoping to be there now . I thought meeting you there would give me the true picture of everything but it seems you must be finished and preparing to go back home.. I live in London and go for physio where they do the treadmill and parall bar walking aid of harness.. I am 46 yrs old and was injured in 1994 so its 13yrs to my injury and am T12 para complete and then incomplete .

Would you be kind enough to advise if its possible to come over for couple of weeks and I can have the procedure or is there a long waiting list

I am sorry I know this information should come from Dr Schroff office but I just cannot get thru.

Thanks again

  Jesse Lalli wrote @


My name is Jesse Lalli and I’m interested in getting this same treatment for my mom.

My mom also as a complete splinal cord injury on T11-T12.

My contact information is
(778) 847-0670
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

If you would like me to contact you just send the information.

Thank you for your time

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